Thursday, December 7, 2023

Blockchain Technology Market Size is Projected to Hit USD 137.59 billion...

The global blockchain technology market is growing continually. The market growth attributes to the growing emphasis on the decentralization of data ledgers. Besides, some advantages facilitated...

Horizon Secures $40M to Make Web3 Seamless for Users and Builders

The team at Horizon is pleased to announce that they’ve raised $40 million via their Series A financing round “to make web3 easy, fun, and powerful...

Altaz 3″ LCD Golf Rangefinder

If you are an avid golfer, you have probably used a rangefinder at some point to estimate the accuracy of your shot. Golf rangefinders...

THINPC: Phone-size Intel Core i5/i7 MINI PC to Expanded ITB

Our current productivity tools for work, study and play are laptops, but they have small screens and difficult to use keyboards. So to improve...

The Era-defining 40,000 mAh Power Bank That Boosts It All

We travel. We take trips, we camp, we dive, climb mountains, or just shake-up our work locale. Keeping our devices charged amid that mobile...

Make Your Crowdfunding A Success

Too often, crowdfunding campaigns launch without the details that bring an idea to life. Don’t make this mistake. Before you launch, think through how you’ll tell your story.
What makes your project important? What details are you most excited about?
What makes the idea uniquely yours?
As you work through your story, remember to consider your tone and target audience. This will come in handy when you’re reaching out to potential backers on email and social media, or talking to press.

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