CozyPod Portable Plugin Heater By Venty

CozyPod Portable Plugin Heater By Venty
CozyPod Portable Plugin Heater By Venty

We’re the humans behind, the viral Ultimate Portable Folding Fan and we’re back with CozyPod this 800 watt compact electric heater engineered with high-performance ceramic heat technology

GOALFlexible GoalPLEDGED£140 GBP

Project status dated : 11 January 2024

The Story

Small but mighty, this 800 watt compact electric heater is engineered with high-performance ceramic heat technology, inspired ergonomic design, innovative wireless charging remote and integrated thermostat to ensure the perfect temperature at all times.

Remember us? We’re the humans behind, the viral Ultimate Portable Folding Fan. And we’re back with CozyPod.

Since the launch of our successful kickstarter campaign, we’ve grown into a thriving brand, with over 200,000 customers worldwide. 

In short, this isn’t our first rodeo. Our crowdfunding approach lies in a steadfast commitment to our backers and exceptional execution. With a proven track record in delivering extraordinary products, we know you’ll love CozyPod. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what backers like you have to say about Venty:

Picture this: it’s a typical day at the office, and the temperature is a total guessing game. Somebody’s too hot, somebody’s freezing, somebody’s WFH… in a blanket. Cold fingers, heated debates – sound familiar?

“Why isn’t there a heater that’s not only compact but also elevates the vibe?”

And then, it hit us. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a cozy companion warming up our favorite space at home or the office? Even better – tagging along and making every adventure feel a bit more cozy.

That’s when CozyPod was conceived – our little heater with a big heart.

When we say CozyPod is compact, we mean it. It’s like the superhero of heaters – small, sleek, and packs a punch:

With its clean lines, curved silhouette, and matte finish, CozyPod isn’t just a heater; it’s a statement piece. Say goodbye to clunky and unappealing eyesores. 

The CozyPod remote boasts a beautiful TFT display. It’s crisp, responsive, and never needs a battery.  Use the self charging remote to control the following features:

  • 3 Power Settings, 500 – 800 Watts of Heat
  • Eco Mode: Set your room temperature and CozyPod will shut off when the desired temperature is reached
  • Timer:  From 1 – 12 hours, program how long you want CozyPod to stay on.
  • LED Light: 4 brightness settings.
  • Fahrenheit to Celcius conversion
  • Child Lock Mode: Prevent small hands from turning on.
  • Full Memory Functionality: Remembers your settings.

CozyPod is the only space heater with a self charging remote. Our patent pending wireless charging remote means no batteries needed, ever.

Cozypod’s 800 watts best cover small enclosed spaces. Take it with you to the office, your bedroom, and other enclosed spaces around 200 Sq Feet.

Also great for dorm rooms, studios, RVs, hotel rooms, and much more!

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