Ring One : The most advanced Smart Ring for you

Ring One : The most advanced Smart Ring for you
Ring One : The most advanced Smart Ring for you

Our payments feature was live in 28 countries including UK, EU and India.During Covid, we understood the need of the hour and developed India’s first comprehensive health tracker, which measured 5 crucial health vitals including Blood oxygen levels.

Deploying it in multiple hospitals, 1000+ patient beds and saving hundreds of lives with timely alerts for oxygen requirements helped us to truly understand the profound impact technology can have on our lives.

These experiences came with a couple of important learnings. We realised that the readings from the finger were far more reliable than those from the wrist and that a wrist worn device was not comfortable to wear all night and all day.

This gave us the idea for Ring One. We married findings from the health tracking with the learnings from payments feature of our first hybrid smartwatch and came up with something which we believe is truly path breaking – the Ring One.

Project status dated : 25 January 2024

The world’s most comfortable and stylish smart ring that offers advanced health tracking and on-the-go payments.

Ring One monitors your sleep, exercise and recovery to help you find the perfect balance all day, everyday

Wake up each morning to detailed sleep insights and see how prepared you are for the day ahead

Wake up each morning to detailed sleep insights and see how prepared you are for the day ahead

Maximise your fitness gains with advanced exercise metrics

Ring One nudges you to take preventive action when the vitals are off from your baseline,  empowering you to stay ahead in safeguarding your health.

Improve mindfulness by measuring the impact of your meditation and body relaxing sessions 

Take the guesswork out from your Menstrual Cycle tracking

Stay prepared with Ring One’s Menstrual cycle and fertility tracking. Ring One’s temperature sensors detect even a minute change (0.1 degree celcius ) in your basal body temperature to predict the phase and keep you informed all the time.

Crush your personal goals with tailored insights and personalised coaching

Inspire, encourage and compete with friends to achieve new personal bests.

Just wave your palm across any POS terminal to make secure payments with the ring. 
Leave your wallet behind and use the most convenient way to pay.

Enjoy the convenience of unlocking your Tesla  and other cars that support the NFC-based Digital Key 2.0 specification with Ring One.

Extend your ring’s battery life to a month, easily check charging levels, locate your ring even in the dark.

We have partnered with a very reliable contract manufacturer in India who has decades of experience in delivering electronic products to world class companies. We have already started our manufacturing trials. Here are some pictures:

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