Thursday, January 20, 2022

Advertising and promotional opportunities

Crowdfunding Campaigner Magazine believes that its strength lies in the active way in which readers choose and use the magazine. Digital magazines are an active medium, with an intention of interaction and engagement putting the reader in control.

Readers become deeply engaged with their magazines and as a result a strong relationship, a bond of trust, develops between the reader and the magazine over time.

A reader’s identification with an engaging magazine can go well beyond the simple provision of information and ideas. When a magazine strikes a chord it can reinforce the reader’s own self-image and this creates a particularly powerful and trusting relationship.

As a magazine with a strong online social presence we are passionate about crowdfunding and the future of this market and support the success of campaigners and believe our platform also supports advertisers in building relationships with our readers.

How We Support Advertisers Relationships

  • The magazine is seen as a trusted friend that is kept and referred to
  • Magazines are an advocate for communities of common interest
  • They bring a halo effect to advertising featured alongside relevant content
  • They provide access to natural networks of common interest
  • Magazines stimulate interest in a topic and then direct readers to further avenues to explore
  • They work hand in hand with digital platforms because core magazine readers are tech-savvy
  • Magazines are the primary driver of Online purchase in 70% of product categories

Magazine Advertising Rate Card

Page Size Single Issue 3 Issues 6 Issues 9 Issues 12 Issues
Double Page Spread £1,000.00 £2,850.00 £5,400.00 £7,650.00 £9,600.00
Single Page £500.00 £1,425.00 £2,700.00 £3,825.00 £4,800.00
Half Page £250.00 £712.50 £1,350.00 £1,912.50 £2,400.00
Quarter Page £125.00 £356.25 £675.00 £956.25 £1,200.00

Our shared future growth targets mobile users

With the increase in mobile touchscreen devices content delivery and design is no longer the same as web or print. Publishing and distribution of content in this new mobile space is forever changing because readers now have greater expectations from this medium.


Crowdfunding Campaigner magazine has the mobile trend in mind with future proofing as a market objective. The focus for Crowdfunding Campaigner Magazine is to provide content to subscribers’ in a way that it is most likely to be consumed at any given moment. The effect will be more touch points for the user to the brand, deepening value, brand loyalty with greater engagement between readers.

If you would like to build relationships with our readers as an advertiser please complete the form below stating type of ad you would like to discuss otherwise contact if you have any questions.