UVlifeCare: Smart UV Steriliser Air Drying Box

UVlifeCare: Smart UV Steriliser Air Drying Box
UVlifeCare: Smart UV Steriliser Air Drying Box

Meet UVlifecare a UV sterling box with sterilisation and deodorisation function, adopts LED deep ultraviolet sterilisation technology. One button to start UV disinfection, rapid sterilisation and deodorisation. Sterilisation rate up to 99%, no radiation, care for your health.

GOALFlexible GoalPLEDGED£136 GBP

Project status dated : 12 January 2024

The project team has a working demo, not the final product. Their ability to begin production may be affected by product development or financial challenges. 

Referring to the pasteurization method for clothes in 65-70℃ environment for 3-minute disinfection and sterilization and 1-hour rapid drying, effective sterilization and disinfection.

UV sterilization for 3 minutes, equivalent to 6 hours of direct sunlight, sterilization rate up to 99.9%, and also remove clothes’s musty smell and Odor-causing residue.

Utilizing 260-280nm wavelength irradiation UV, instantly destroys the DNA and RNA of bacteria and microorganisms, and the aura loses its ability to reproduce and survive.

When folded, it is only a quarter of the volume when opened, greatly reducing the occupied volume, and can be used as a storage box when it does not need disinfection.