Horizon Secures $40M to Make Web3 Seamless for Users and Builders

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The team at Horizon is pleased to announce that they’ve raised $40 million via their Series A financing round “to make web3 easy, fun, and powerful for users and builders.”

Horizaon will use the capital to scale their products, grow their ecosystem, and hire more  teammates onto their team.

This announcement “marks a massive leap towards realizing the new dimension where Internet economies are fun, accessible, and for the benefit of all participants.”

With their Series A, they welcome some of the “most visionary” investors, major video game companies, and some of the most “impactful” web3 organizations and pioneers. The investment round was “led by Brevan Howard Digital and Morgan Creek Digital with significant contributions from Take-Two Interactive Software Inc. (owners of Rockstar, 2K, and Zynga), Polygon, Ubisoft, Xsolla, BITKRAFT, Initialized Capital, Quantstamp, Everyrealm, Sky9 Capital, Round13 Capital, Xchange, Translink, CMT Digital, J17, Sentiment Capital, Perpetual Value Partners, Unicorn Partners.”

Key individual investors included Shopify’s CEO Tobias Lütke, Shopify’s VP of Product Acceleration Satish Kanwar, The Sandbox’s Co-founder Sebastien Borget, Sky Mavis and Axie Infinity Co-founder Aleks Larsen, Lolli’s Co-founder Alex Adelman, Mighty Bear Games’ Web3 Director Michael Arnold, and leading Ethereum educator and The Daily Gwei’s Founder Anthony Sassano, amongst other excellent funds, angels, and companies.

Horizon added that since their project’s inception in 2017, they’ve been “delivering products to solve web3’s shortcomings and unlock utility.” They are inspired and grateful to have this incredible group of supporters join their existing investors as they drive web3 adoption on a massive scale.

Their Series A empowers them “to grow the Sequence ecosystem by attracting more builders to the platform and enabling the next generation of video games and applications; expand Skyweaver content and community features to make the game even more enriching and engaging; and launch Niftyswap, the decentralized marketplace that makes trading semi-fungible tokens (SFTs), web3 game items, and metaverse collectibles instant, easy, and secure.”

Throughout their journey building Skyweaver — which has been touted as “the best blockchain game” where 60% of users are new to web3 — they “had to solve a ton of pain points to enable a seamless experience.”

From user onboarding and wallets, to transactions and gas, data and indexing, tokens and minting, trading and marketplaces, security, onramps, node access, and much more, they “had to solve it all to achieve our goal of making web3 applications easy, fun, and secure for everyone.”

Their solutions are now the products that “make up Sequence, the all-in-one web3 developer platform and smart wallet for the Ethereum and EVM ecosystem.”

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