Investment Platform Robocash Reports that Investors Earned €600,000 in Sep 2022

Investment Platform Robocash Report
Investment Platform Robocash Report

Loans worth €14 million were purchased last month, according to an update from

The Robocash team further revealed that 594 people joined the platform. As noted in a blog post, investors earned €600,000,

The investment platform has shared a few highlights covering what happened in September:

  • has reached the mark of €60M funds raised. Investors maintained their confidence in the platform with a slight decrease in transactions in the secondary market.
  • Robocash Group shared the Summary Interim Condensed Combined Financial Information for the six-month period ended 30 June 2022.
  • The revenue for the period amounted to 214.2 M USD, up by 53.1% to H1 2021. Find out more about other key highlights and the results of the work in local markets here. has commented on how we can minimize P2P investor risks in today’s market, and how much investors can potentially earn in 2022. In addition to these updates, has commented on what distinguishes the European P2P market from the whole industry.

Natalya Ischenko, CEO of the Robocash Group, recently shared business plans and answered common investor questions for Investisseur Nomade.

As covered recently, Robocash Group has distributed its first six months of 2022, ending June 30, financial results. According to the company, revenue is up by 53.1% to USD$ 214.2 million from USD$ 139.9 million, year over year. The report was reviewed by FBK Grant Thornton and did not include an audit opinion.

The report may be accessed here.

Robocash reports a net profit of USD$ 14.3 million during the period which compares to USD$ 15.37 million in 2021.

The company states that the development of new digital financial services in the Philippines resulted in a slight slow-down in its growth of net profit compared to previous years but it is still on track for its estimates. For the period ending August 31, 2022, Robocash anticipates a net profit of USD$ 32.2 million

Retained earnings have gone from USD$ 75.5 million, an increase of 37.5%.

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