Vestwoods V-Series:Fastest Charge Home Energy Storage System

Vestwoods V-Series:Fastest Charge Home Energy Storage System
Vestwoods V-Series:Fastest Charge Home Energy Storage System

Vestwoods V-Series sets the new standard for home energy storage systems! 

V-Series V5/V14 are the first home energy storage system that allows 12,000W Solar Input, which means you can enjoy solar energy with the fastest charging speed ever, a huge step to solve energy shortage! 

Project status dated : 10 January 2023

The 5.1kWh~57kWh expandable power system can be custom fit to any house to provide greater storage capacity and superior safety. With the dual 120V/240V output, 8,000W AC input/output, and seamless UPS feature, V-Series ensure a solid power supply for your home anytime, anywhere.

80% charged in 1 hour with only solar charging for 14330Wh capacity. VM-Power V is a perfect solution to solve energy shortages, lower your electric bills, and reduce your carbon footprint.

Integrate V-Series to your home grid for a power outage or regular use, saving money on your electric bills.  Take VM-Power V5 with you for RV or camping, and power your adventure anytime, anywhere. 

The 8,000W AC outputs can power all high-powered appliances and electric tools.

The modular design concept aims to allow users to customize the system to fit their needs. VM-Power V series is 100% modular and can accept up to 4×V14 (14,330Wh each) expansion battery packs, adding up to an overall capacity of 57,320Wh – Power your home to save on electric bills or during a blackout!

Only 1 hour of Solar Charging to get enough power for 4 days of daily household electric needs! Being the first solar generator with impressive 12,000W Solar and 8,000W AC Input, V-Series saves you hours of waiting for recharging.

Unlike other inverters in the market, AC8 doesn’t need 2 or more units to get 8,000W AC input, it can accept the industry-leading power input rate with only one unit, which saves you money and effort to get your system fully charged. 

V-Series is the only system in the industry that can handle solar arrays up to 12,000W while its competitors can only handle up to 3,000W. It is a huge step toward real off-the-grid life. It is enough to fully charge V5 in 30 minutes, or V14 in 1.5 hours. VM-Power is compatible with a wide range of solar panels from 12V to 150V and can be easily integrated into your existing solar system.

You can feed in enough power to charge your VM-Power V within 2 hours*. Vestwooods V-Series are compatible with most solar kit and solar panels. so you can plug in and charge.  

8,000W output can power anything imaginable. Plug in your laptop, fridge, saw, or even a Tesla. Vestwoods can power an entire household on its own!

A single unit packs 8,000W AC outputs, power anything you could imagine. Laptop, Refrigerator, Electric saw, or even a Tesla, just plug in whatever you need to power. You can even use it as an emergency backup for powering your electric vehicles up to 90% on Tesla Model 3 on a single charge.  It can be easily controlled remotely using the Vestwoods App.

A blackout doesn’t have to cause a dead EV. The 57kWh V-Series can store enough energy to almost fully charge a Tesla Model 3 Standard Version(60kWh). So with V-Series, you’ll still be able to drive your EV, even when your house is off the grid!

AC8 is equipped with 8000W output and ready for 99% of devices. AC8 is specially designed for Home backup and RV/Motorhome travelers, etc.

High-voltage outputs may be needed in your house, farm, or worksite to power 240V appliances or electric tools.  Instead of providing 120V or 240V, VM-Power is the first system that can supply both at the same time in one unit. It also makes massive 8000W output power integrated into your home grid a reality for the first time!

Storage systems, CCTV, or other Sensitive electric equipment be damaged from power failure or power outages, and you may lose important data that you can not afford. VM-Power’s online UPS switches on at 0ms, so your equipment can stay online with no interruption.

Whether you want to control the V-Series at close range or away from home, we got you covered. Monitor and control your power usage from anywhere with the Vestwoods app, keeping all energy under your control.

VM-Power is equipped with LiFePO4 batteries – Lithium batteries that are the safest on the market. 

Being the most stable of modern batteries, LiFePO4 batteries are well-known for their safety, and they have excellent charge-discharge performance. They do not overheat, and they will not catch on fire even if punctured when being recharged. 

The cathode material in LiFePO4 batteries is non-hazardous so you can have confidence that there are no hazards to your health or the environment.

VM-Power’s LiFePO4 batteries offer an incredible 6000 cycles life cycle. 

Exclusive to our Kickstarter backers, we are offering a 10-year warranty!

VM-Power is compatible with most of the solar panels and installations on the market, which means you can fully utilize other solar power systems and store that energy in VM-Power for your daily use of power outages.

VESTWOODS is a battery industry well-known manufacturer founded in 2016. global users with lithium battery system solutions. One of the leading companies covering most continents in the world, including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Africa, and North America. 

VESTWOODS has focused on the research and development, production, and sales of new energy power supply equipment in the fields of telecom, energy storage, IDC, and other fields.  

VESTWOODS takes innovation as the company’s core development strategy, and we have been committed to providing clean, green, and reliable power for various application scenarios. VESTWOODS adheres to the concept of “reliable technology, leading quality”, and makes greater contributions to leading and continuously promoting the realization of green earth!

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Our experienced team has years of experience in the design of home appliances and we work closely with reliable partners for manufacturing and logistics. Vestwoods has undergone rigorous development, testing, and refinement. We know what it takes to bring a product to market and are confident that we can avoid any potential problems and stay on schedule. Unexpected issues may arise and if they do we will always deal with them with your satisfaction at the top of our priorities and we will handle all enquiries with care.

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