THINPC: Phone-size Intel Core i5/i7 MINI PC to Expanded ITB

THINPC: Phone-size Intel Core i5/i7 MINI PC to Expanded ITB
THINPC: Phone-size Intel Core i5/i7 MINI PC to Expanded ITB

Our current productivity tools for work, study and play are laptops, but they have small screens and difficult to use keyboards. So to improve efficiency and experience, here comes in – Thinpc Mini PC.

GOAL$3,821PLEDGED$ 12,977
Project status dated : 14 October 2022


10th Intel Core i5-1030NG7 / i7-1060NG7 | Ultra-thin/3MM | Ultra-strong cooling| HDMI2.0/DP/USB3.0/Type-C | 4.6*3.5*1.2 inch | 300g

 A traditional desktop host, to meet the needs of home office, taking into account the need to watch videos and play games, but the traditional desktop chassis is relatively large, even the ITX host will take up more desktop space, there are also many limitations in the hardware. So our team turned our attention to MiniPC and developed Thinpc, which is very small, close to the size of a cell phone, and only 3mm thick. We also made the Thinpc available in a variety of configurations to meet my daily work and entertainment needs. Also, the Thinpc Mini PC have built-in hard drives and memory sticks, and support Windows 10 and below. It comes ready to use and is very hassle-free.

  •  Thinpc Mini PC:

1.10th INTEL Core i5/i7  CPU: fast operation

2. Ultra-thin: 3mm Height

3. Super silent: fan + fin design for extremely fast air convection and efficient cooling

4. Super mini: 4.6in*3.5in*1.2in(117mm**90mm*30mm); net weight 300g. Super small size and super light weight is very convenient to carry.

5.RAM: 8G; SSD: 128G/256G/512G/1TB. Expandable storage. Multiple web pages and programs open smoothly without lag, improving work and study efficiency.

6. Two display ports: DP+HDMI2.0, 4K UHD video output

7. 1.0Gbps Ethernet port, convenient and easy to connect.

8. Support for Windows 10 and below

9.3 USB3.0 ports

10. Large 360 degree LED power indicator

 THINPC is equipped with Intel I5-1030NG7/i7-1060NG7 CPU. Small size and good mute effect. This is a real outstanding PC sopportting Windows10 and below, which can meet your work, entertainment, games, audio and video needs.

 No smallest but smaller, office and entertainment all done – Thinpc MINI PC

 The Thinpc MINI PC can be used in the same way as a traditional PC or laptop. You can work, handle documents, emails and other content, and of course surf the internet, play games, watch movies and other entertainment items can all be satisfied. 

 Thinpc MINI PC is made of aluminum and ABS. With its silver and black exterior and sharp angles, the Thinpc MINI PC has a business-like feel.

Equipped with high performance 8G DDR4 memory, it can open multiple web pages and programs without lag, which greatly improves work efficiency.

High-speed read and write SSD, combining speed and capacity, for a fast boot-up and fast read/write experience.

With ultra-quiet fan + fin design, the Thinpc MINI PC allows for rapid air convection and then efficiently fans the heat.

 Connect in the way you want. Thinpc is loaded with a wide variety of I/O ports. Unlimited expansion starts with wired and wireless connections.

The front side is equipped with an on/off button, three USB 3.0 ports, and a 3.5mm audio jack. The rear is equipped with a HDMI2.0 port, a DP port, a 1.0Gbps Ethernet port, and two USB Type-C 3.0 ports. One of the USB Type-C ports on the back is fully functional and supports video output and power supply.

 We just need to connect the Thinpc MINI PC with the TV at home, office monitor, conference room projector and other devices to quickly convert it into a computer, and can support Windows 10 operation, control, but also can support Bluetooth 6.0, so users can control through the Bluetooth keyboard and Bluetooth mouse.

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THINPC was established in 2013. We focus on the design and development of computer products. In this era of convenience and speed, we found that general office computers are too bulky, so we decided to build our own miniPC and started to create THINPC. Our goal It has become one of the most influential minipc design teams, providing people with high-quality minipc at a very cost-effective price. After countless attempts and tests, we finally made the sample of THINPC. The fans of minipc provide our miniPC, we decided to raise funds on kickstarter, the product we designed will be produced, and give it to everyone who supports us.

  •  Launch Day Price:

 For Launch Day we have set up a 30% discount for the Early 50th Backers who get a 1PC Thinpc MINI PC only.

Risks and challenges

We have done computer design and production for many years, with rich experience, there is no quality problem in the product, due to the impact of COVID-19, there will be some challenges in production and transportation, but we will definitely look for the most suitable logistics provider to provide the best way of transport. Rest assured, we will proceed as planned.

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