The Era-defining 40,000 mAh Power Bank That Boosts It All

Era-defining 40,000 mAh Power Bank
Era-defining 40,000 mAh Power Bank

We travel. We take trips, we camp, we dive, climb mountains, or just shake-up our work locale. Keeping our devices charged amid that mobile life can be, frankly, annoying.

If you own multiple electronic devices and are always on the road, you feel this pain. We rely so much on our devices today that dying batteries are really not an option. 

Project status dated : 14 October 2022


Ifory Arrives

Existing power banks don’t always help either. Why? They have limited USB ports, a lack of power, slow charging speeds, and they’re bulky enough to be a hindrance.

We’re tired of the way things are as much as you. And we refuse to accept that charging is just a necessary burden or a headache.

That’s why we went back to square one and re-imagined a power bank that truly solves your on-the-go charging challenges.

Equipped with 40,000 mAh, its massive capacity means you are covered, wherever and whenever. With all your devices maintaining their power it’s finally time for you to enjoy your on-the-go life. With ease, Ifory can power the latest iPhone 13 ten times over, tablets four times over, and Macbooks twice over.

devices simultaneously. With a PD-fast charging protocol, the output power of Ifory reaches 100w. Your phone will go from dead to 60% in 30 mins and your Switch will reach 60% in 60 minutes, for example.

See the cutting edge through your own eyes. With an advanced display screen, you can monitor the voltage, power, and current in a clear, concise, intuitive way. It enables your freedom to access to all the information you need. You can check the timing, temperature, and remaining battery life with ease. Experience a next-gen charging journey with Ifory!

Water activities are so much fun. Your charging experience shouldn’t get in the way of your fun. We’ve got your back. The Ifory waterproof level is IP67, so you can enjoy your oceanic activities while charging up. The power bank can even get dropped in the water without any issues.

There are 2 aluminum shell layers on both sides of the core that double as a shock absorption mechanism. They provide strength and protection from mechanical damage, as well as support for the power supply when it takes a hit. Did we mention that it’s dustproof and waterproof? All while being built like a tank.

It’s incredibly portable. We use a customized battery and optimized internal structure, making the power bank compact and easier to carry – no matter where you go. Its light weight and pocket size outdo all the other power banks on the market. There’s only choice to make!

To manage the temperature, Ifory has an exclusive sandwich heat dissipation module. It has a multi-layer circuit design that allows for rapid internal heat management and ensures continuous output of the power supply.

The 500-lumen spotlight brightens your surroundings, wherever you may find yourself. So now, you’re safe, secure, and fully aware. Add in an adjustable beam angle, and the flashlight is an outdoor traveller’s best friend. Adjust its 3 light modes by simply touching the board.

Solar Panel

By combining with our solar panel, Ifory becomes the perfect power solution for all outdoor activities. Simply connect Ifory with the panel and let the sunlight recharge it. No more waiting for a place to plug in and no more worrying about the dilemma of dead batteries.

This solar panel only weighs 3.3lb( 1.5KG), with a folded size of only 13.46in x 8.34in x 2.4in. A solar panel this portable – with PD 40W (21.88V/2.19A) – is a must-have for travelling on the beaten path or off the grid. You won’t need access to electricity and it won’t take up much space in your bag. Trek freely.

Exploring the outside world is such a wonderful thing. But how can you venture without power? Ifory is suited for all scenery. You want to record the wonders you see on your devices? With Ifory, you are guaranteed to have the power to do so.

We use premium materials and manufacturing processes to build products that last.

Ifory and all accessories pass rigorous tests to achieve international certifications of safe use. Our products are tested for: TEMPERATURE, CHARGE/DISCHARGE, DROP, SHAKING HUMIDITY, WATER and STATIC. We comply with FCC, CE, RoHS, and MSDS.

Built-in NTC temperature detection means the temperature of the cell is detected every second, and safety protection is embedded in the product.

Multiple Levels of Protection:Short circuit protection/Overshoot protection/Over discharge protection/Overvoltage protection/Over temperature protection/Overcurrent Protection

Ifory is a team of geeks & designers. We are continuously innovating exciting products by keeping it simple, unique, and focused on lifestyle improvement. We craft our products based on customer needs and pain points, dedicating ourselves to solving your daily charging issues. Our goal is to have you on-the-go with ease and convenience. We use all durable, long-lasting materials to ensure that our products are built to last for years to come.

Risks and challenges

If the Ifory gets funded, we will make sure everything goes according to plan to meet the promised deadlines. Projects often have trouble completing production and meeting the expected deadlines for shipment. The project could face possible challenges if the quality of the product or packaging does not meet our requirements. Although we do not see any direct risks and challenges, there are always indirect or unseen tasks that may present itself during the process of productions. We hope to run everything as streamlined as possible and also ahead of schedule.

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