Hunger Alert Food Bank Community Hub Needs £2500

Hunger Alert Food Bank Community Hub
Hunger Alert Food Bank Community Hub

We Care foodbank & community hub will run out of food without £25000 extra this year. 100 of us giving £150 of our energy/council tax rebates would be matched by corporate donors by £150 enabling one of Britain’s largest Independent food banks to stay open 

Project status dated : 14 October 2022


We Care Food Bank & Community hub gives support, advice, and food to anyone in crisis that walks through our doors.

After years of successfully fundraising and self-financing through our charity shop at Kath’s Place Deptford South east London. We are in a crisis of  survival, the numbers of people we help have past 3000 plus pets , with this number growing daily.

Whilst the cost of food for example even a tin of beans has increased 100% whilst our energy bill to run our fridges and freezers that allow us to offer healthy food options. Health ready meals for the elderly and housebound and food that reflects dietary and faith needs such as dairy free, glutton free, vegan, and the fact many only have a kettle as a cooker,  has gone from £68 a month to £498 a month.

Our estimated bill for 2023 is £30,000 even with the cap this will still be £15000, we as a foodbank and registered charity simply do not have the money to pay. Yet these fridges and freezers do save lives and as our foodbank gets referrals from NHS, other charities, homeless. elderly, disabled, refugee groups, LGBTQ, and victims of domestic violence. We are a model charity that seeks to find community solutions to help when Councils and Government policy fails through sustainability.

We are unable to budget for a crisis this large, and our very existence is at risk as We Care work inspires other communities through our film Feeding Lewisham and our work Globally.

Our team is made up of Angels who work for free and driven by the kindness of strangers. Please support his fundraiser to help us continue shining light and saving lives 

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