Find Your Mentor – Become Your Best Self!

Find Your Mentor - Become Your Best Self
Find Your Mentor - Become Your Best Self

Everybody has something to learn, and everybody has something to teach in this world. We’re here to give humanity FREE and easy access to knowledge. We believe humans need connection to learn and grow with each other to secure a positive evolution as a society. The way we can help secure positive evolution is by bridging humanity through knowledge. Our platform humanizes technology and helps deliver free sharing of knowledge in a simple and inspiring way.

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Project status dated : 15 November 2022

Who We Are

We are passionate inventors and innovators in areas of self-empowerment and personal growth. Fascinated by the growing demand for mentorship and coaching in all areas of life, we noticed a big problem in the industry: Mentors can’t easily find their Mentees, and Mentees can’t easily find Mentors.

Fuelled by our own desire for the perfect answer to the “human potential dilemma”, our team has spent the past several years developing this solution behind closed doors… Now we’re ready to build a world-wide community with you and create a network of knowledge!

Find Your Mentor 1.0

Our solution is a revolutionary user-centered platform designed to optimally serve individuals on their journey towards personal growth. Our goal is to assist those looking for guidance in a way that BEST supports them through our proprietary matching technology and vast Mentor directory. Find Your Mentor offers many tools to support Mentors and Mentees alike, including an integrated virtual assistant and personal academy just to name a few!

Everyone, at some point, needs a guide in their life. We believe that the Mentor solution lies within everyone. Through trial and error, we have discovered how to crack the code by helping our users tap into and uncover their deepest potentials. Only by understanding who you are, will you become empowered to create!

Our capacity to grow as individuals is truly endless! Wisdom comes in many forms, languages, and cultures. Statistics show that by raising our collective connections and well-rounded intelligence, we can effectively align with our purpose and meet challenges with a more objective and positive mindset. On a global scale, this can lead to better solutions for real-world problems.

Our Mission:

To Connect 1 Billion People

Find Your Mentor envisions a community built by Mentors, drawing upon meaningful connections between Mentors and Finders alike.

Your support and contribution will help Mentors share their knowledge, wisdom, and life experiences with the world! The purpose of our crowdfunding campaign is to support our internal team focused on getting Find Your Mentor up and running for our users. We want to begin to connect with our growing community of Contributors, Supporters, Mentors, and Finders.

Perks = Memberships

Find Your Mentor welcomes everyone to become a part of our community! We offer FREE profiles for all 3 types of users: Mentors, Finders, and Locations. Paid memberships are offered to Mentors that want more perks and could use more tools that will benefit their mentorship efforts. Right now we are offering early-bird membership pricing through our perks.

Research: THE FACTS, The Future

Let’s face it: Millennials are set to dominate the workforce within the next 5-10 years. By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be Millennials! Research shows that Millennials are the most likely age group to work with a Mentor. Mentorship has become a necessity for professional success in the workplace.

A recent study reported by Forbes Magazine states that 63% of Millennials feel their leadership skills are not being fully developed, and those intending to stay with their career path for more than five years are twice as likely to have a Mentor (68%) than not (32%).

Expectations of the Market: The Digital Age of Mentorship

Our desire to help make wisdom more accessible on a global scale couldn’t have come at a better time. As the personal growth concept rises in popularity, more businesses and individuals are turning to mentorship.

Mentors can now be seen and heard on the web using expensive and complicated digital sales strategies. Quality Mentors may not be able to invest time and money into these strategies, which can create a barrier between them and ideal Mentor/Mentee relationships. There are so many limitations that can occur in the Mentor marketing process that we needed to create a solution by eliminating these obstacles altogether.

Mentors and Mentees already struggle to make time for meetings and communication, so we asked ourselves: How can we streamline this process and make it accessible for all?

The Mentor Solution

We’ve designed a platform that works as a vast directory and offers necessary tools for Mentors to manage expectations and quickly match with those that can benefit from their offerings. Relying on expensive, attention-seeking vehicles of exposure, funnels, and advertising is no longer necessary when you create a Mentor profile on Find Your Mentor.

How it Works: Matching Technology is Key

Our matching process is not solely based on common algorithms such as data collected from social profiles or online behaviors. A questionnaire and other scans make up our proprietary matching technology. We pass our user’s unique personality thumbprint through an intelligent matching system that will locate Mentors within our database. We find this process essential in creating a win-win solution that is most beneficial to the user.

We Help Mentors Get Discovered

Many Mentors that have already built out their course materials, developed a following, etc. are highly encouraged to create a FREE profile on Find Your Mentor linking to existing courses, offerings, products, blogs, etc. for easy discovery. 

Mentors that do not already have content can easily develop everything through Find Your Mentor through an upgraded membership. Our platform offers a wide range of free and paid tools for Mentor profiles, a public landing page, and private membership access, revealing content to Finder profiles with access.

We Won’t Advertise Mentors Unless They Are A Match

Most directory websites and social platforms make recommendations based on advertising, or algorithms that are subjective. Users on Find Your Mentor receive Mentor suggestions that are a near-exact suitable match. By asking users insightful questions before browsing, our sophisticated intelligent matching software removes the persuasion and provides the most ideal matches based on diverse Finder-Mentor commonalities.

We Help Mentors With:

  • Getting recommended to more of the RIGHT clientele
  • More exposure and better positioning of skills
  • More time to build client relationships
  • Better communication tools
  • Interactive profile that is always up to date
  • Safe payment solutions, no clumsy contracts
  • Lifesaver tools for Mentors to focus on prospects and close contracts
  • Intelligent software: Regularly reviewing customer’s information to find ways to improve
  • Keeping up with technology: Clients have high expectations when it comes to user experience.
  • Value-added services: Mentees want to feel supported with more resources.
  • A focus on helping Mentors build trust and reputation
  • Leave scalability and global reach to us while you focus on Mentorship!

We help Finders with:

  • Finding the RIGHT Mentor based on an intelligent and targeted search in your area of needs based on intelligent software
  • A directory of Mentors from all over the world – we want to eliminate language barriers altogether!
  • Better communication tools: Mentees also want a better way to communicate and manage relationships with their Mentors.
  • Intelligent software: Find Your Mentor plans to regularly review customer’s feedback to find ways to improve community members’ experience.
  • Safe payment solutions, no clumsy contracts
  • Personal Academy – a personal development tool to help you track your growth

Key Features

  • Members-only access (free and paid options available)
  • Personal Academy: Self-improvement and assessment tools as well as a dashboard to house your activity, progress, and collected knowledge
  • Intimate Mentor-to-Finder interface for open communication and mentorship support
  • Public Mentor profiles that serve as Mentor landing pages
  • Finder profiles with public feeds where they can interact with courses, content, blogs, offerings, Mentors and other Finders
  • Affiliate programs
  • Algorithm recommendations based on honesty – Finder preference and Mentor ratings

What We Need: ALL the Mentors to join us!

Find Your Mentor envisions a community built by Mentors, drawing upon meaningful connections between Mentors and Finders alike.

We will be ready to launch the beta version of the platform once our goal of $40,000 and 5,000 total users is reached.

After investing several years of preparation and market research, we are confident that with the help of our community we can grow organically. For this reason, our perks offered via

this crowdfunding campaign will begin building our community and understanding needs as we roll out features. It is our responsibility to communicate with those that will benefit from our product the most, so we plan on creating a blog that will keep our members posted on all updates. Building the highest possible level of trust during our most vulnerable phase is what keeps us honest, transparent and accountable.

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