Project Update #1: Hello from Kickstarter’s New CEO, Everette Taylor

Kickstarter new CEO
Kickstarter new CEO

Hey everyone! I’m Everette Taylor, and I’m the new CEO of Kickstarter.

I’m really excited to take this new position and to have the opportunity to create impact for creators across all different categories. I’m here because I’m passionate about supporting creators and helping provide resources for those who want to make their dreams a reality. I’m also here for our incredible community of backers who support the creators on the platform. I want to make sure they’re having better experiences.

I made this short video to introduce myself, give you a sense of where I come from, and tell you a little about what I plan to do here at Kickstarter. This is the first video in our new monthly series, Kickstarter Project Updates. Just as Kickstarter creators share the journey of bringing their projects to life through their own Project Updates, we want to share the journey of how we’re building Kickstarter. Through Kickstarter Project Updates, you’ll find the latest news, trends, tips, and stories; opinions on issues affecting artists and creators; and a peek at what it’s like to be part of our team.

I’m so looking forward to working together with you all to bring more creative projects to life.

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