My Final Chance at My Olympic Dream – Ashley McKenzie

Ashley McKenzie born in Queen’s Park, London and was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) at an early age. Ashley was first exposed to judo at the age of 11, when he got into a fight with a boy who stole his Charizard Pokémon card. Determined to get it back he joined the Moberly Judo Club where he met his assailant by chance. He eventually got his card back after befriending the boy.

Ashley was a member of the Great Britain Olympic Judo Team at London 2012 and is a triple Olympian and double gold medalist at the Commonwealth Games and is looking for funding to help him get to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games!

Project status dated : 31 January 2024

Hi, I’m Ashley McKenzie, triple Olympian and double gold medalist at the Commonwealth Games! I’m looking for funding to help me get to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games!

I started judo at 11 and it’s been my passion and life saver. I’ve suffered from ADHD, had a heart op and had many ups and downs in life! But judo has changed my life for the better.

I’ve represented my wonderful homeland, Great Britain, for my entire judo career. This is my final shot at the dream of being an Olympic medallist and I really need your help with funding for training camps, competitions and travel costs to help make my dream come true. I’d be so grateful for any support!

I want to put everything I have into this Olympic campaign without having to do a day job every day! I need and want to train every day, do competitions and camps, but would need backing from all my followers and supporters to achieve this!


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Ring One : The most advanced Smart Ring for you

Our payments feature was live in 28 countries including UK, EU and India.During Covid, we understood the need of the hour and developed India’s first comprehensive health tracker, which measured 5 crucial health vitals including Blood oxygen levels.

Deploying it in multiple hospitals, 1000+ patient beds and saving hundreds of lives with timely alerts for oxygen requirements helped us to truly understand the profound impact technology can have on our lives.

These experiences came with a couple of important learnings. We realised that the readings from the finger were far more reliable than those from the wrist and that a wrist worn device was not comfortable to wear all night and all day.

This gave us the idea for Ring One. We married findings from the health tracking with the learnings from payments feature of our first hybrid smartwatch and came up with something which we believe is truly path breaking – the Ring One.

Project status dated : 25 January 2024

The world’s most comfortable and stylish smart ring that offers advanced health tracking and on-the-go payments.

Ring One monitors your sleep, exercise and recovery to help you find the perfect balance all day, everyday

Wake up each morning to detailed sleep insights and see how prepared you are for the day ahead

Wake up each morning to detailed sleep insights and see how prepared you are for the day ahead

Maximise your fitness gains with advanced exercise metrics

Ring One nudges you to take preventive action when the vitals are off from your baseline,  empowering you to stay ahead in safeguarding your health.

Improve mindfulness by measuring the impact of your meditation and body relaxing sessions 

Take the guesswork out from your Menstrual Cycle tracking

Stay prepared with Ring One’s Menstrual cycle and fertility tracking. Ring One’s temperature sensors detect even a minute change (0.1 degree celcius ) in your basal body temperature to predict the phase and keep you informed all the time.

Crush your personal goals with tailored insights and personalised coaching

Inspire, encourage and compete with friends to achieve new personal bests.

Just wave your palm across any POS terminal to make secure payments with the ring. 
Leave your wallet behind and use the most convenient way to pay.

Enjoy the convenience of unlocking your Tesla  and other cars that support the NFC-based Digital Key 2.0 specification with Ring One.

Extend your ring’s battery life to a month, easily check charging levels, locate your ring even in the dark.

We have partnered with a very reliable contract manufacturer in India who has decades of experience in delivering electronic products to world class companies. We have already started our manufacturing trials. Here are some pictures:

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Crowdfunding Campaigner Magazine has selected this project as part of the general selection process and has not been requested or paid commission to promote this project. The project is considered as relevant in this market and suggesting the project is worth backing due to its viability and potential for success.

The Water Gong Ancient Powers of Sound and Healing.

The Water Gong is a travel-sized, musical instrument deeply rooted in the ancient, transformative powers of sound and healing.

Each Water Gong is an exclusive, unique piece of art, echoing a message that resonates deeply in our digital era: the importance of disconnecting from the virtual world and immersing oneself in the primal, soothing vibrations of authentic sound.


Project status dated : 12 January 2024

Hand-crafted in Italy by our partners at Grotta Sonora, each Water Gong stands as a one-of-a-kind sound sculpture, providing you with authentic sound journeys for a lifetime or more.

A Symphony of Deep Tones and Complex Harmonics

The Water Gong is not just an instrument; it’s an orchestral experience condensed into a single piece

Its fundamental frequency, coupled with complex harmonics, produces one of the deepest tones for its size. 

The result is a musical experience that is unparalleled, enveloping the listener in a wave of sound that is as profound as it is soothing.

At the heart of its creation is a custom alloy, carefully selected for its acoustic properties. This unique blend of metals is not just about durability; it’s about creating a canvas for sound, where every strike resonates with clarity and depth.

Listen to the Water Gong

For over 4,000 years, the gong has resonated with the world, captivating cultures across the globe with its distinctive and transformative power.

But the gong is more than just an instrument; it’s a gateway to healing, stress reduction, and soothing the nervous system through the enchanting medium of vibrations. 

1. Stress Reduction

The soothing vibrations and resonant tones produced by gongs have a profound ability to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, leading to a reduction in stress levels. This promotes relaxation, alleviates tension, and supports overall mental well-being.

2. Enhanced Sleep Quality

Regular exposure to gong sounds has been associated with improved sleep quality. The calming and immersive nature of gong experiences can help individuals achieve a more restful and rejuvenating sleep, contributing to overall health.

3. Pain Management

Gong therapy has been used as a complementary approach in pain management. The deep vibrations can penetrate tissues and muscles, providing relief from physical discomfort and promoting a sense of ease.

4. Emotional Release and Well-Being

The emotional resonance of gongs can facilitate the release of stored emotions and emotional blockages. This process contributes to emotional well-being, helping individuals to process and navigate their feelings more effectively.

5. Mental Clarity and Focus

Gong sessions are known to induce a state of deep relaxation and mindfulness. This heightened state of awareness can lead to improved mental clarity, enhanced focus, and a greater ability to manage the challenges of daily life.

Sound waves passing through water conjure intricate and captivating geometric patterns. This phenomenon is known as Cymatics. 

The Water Gong displays mesmerizing visual effects emerging from the marriage of sound and liquid, with specific frequencies unveiling captivating geometric shapes..

The Water Gong is the embodiment of our vision: to bring the vivid symphony of sound waves to life, allowing you to witness the profound connection between sound and the fluid world it touches. 

About 70% of the human body is made of water. Imagine what these patterns do to our cells?

It’s not just an instrument; it’s an experience waiting to be unveiled. 

Timelessly designed, the Water Gong is an authentic sonic art piece, merging collector’s value and conversational appeal with a sensory-rich fusion of design and craftsmanship.

Every Water Gong stands as a singular work of art, embodying a profound message particularly poignant in today’s digital age: the essential need to detach from the virtual realm and delve into the fundamental, calming frequencies of the natural world. 

Compact and portable, the Water Gong provides the freedom to create spontaneous sounds wherever you go, whether at the park, office, beach, yoga class, or forest. 

It is designed to travel with you anywhere, from meditation rooms to music studios, inside or outside.

Say goodbye to the complexities of apps, plugins, and electricity. 

With our Water Gong, you can create music in its purest form, completely free from digital constraints.

Accessible to all, regardless of musical expertise, the Water Gong invites users into an intuitive realm of sound. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just beginning your musical journey, experience its enduring resonance and innate simplicity.


Hand-Tuned by Experts: The Art of Sonic Perfection 

The true magic of the Water Gong lies in the hands of our skilled partners at Grotta Sonora.

Every gong undergoes a meticulous tuning process, a ritual where art meets science. With years of experience and a deep understanding of sound dynamics, each Water Gong is fine-tuned to enhance its inherent sonic qualities. 

This careful process ensures that every gong is not just an instrument, but a one-of-a-kind sound sculpture.

Water Gong

Fundamental Frequency: 73-146 Hz (Notes D2-D3 on musical scale of 440 Hz)

Material: Custom Metal Alloy

Sound: Deep tones, rich overtones

Size: 19″ / 48cm Diameter

* Please note that we do not offer customization of specific frequencies for pledges.

Vegius: Revolutionizing Vegan Travel & Lifestyle

Empowering compassionate living through vegan-friendly travel and community support.

GOALFlexible GoalPLEDGED£23,535 GBP

Project status dated : 11 January 2024

rom a single idea to a global movement, Vegius, formerly known as The Vegan Stay, has been on an incredible journey. Founded in August 2022 by Faik Bouhrik, an astrophysicist, university instructor, and passionate vegan activist, Vegius began with a simple yet profound mission: to revolutionize vegan travel & lifestyle and support animal sanctuaries worldwide.

Initially we started with stays, aiming to add other components at some point down the road to impact the vegan journey more holistically. Our evolution continued with the launch of new experiences in July 2023, enriching the vegan journey, culminating in the launch of Vegius in November 2023 – an all-encompassing platform for vegan travel and living.

Now, as we eagerly anticipate our app beta launch in January 2024, Vegius stands as a beacon for compassionate living, empowering vegans worldwide with seamless, integrated experiences.

Exciting Future Expansions on the Horizon

Once fully funded, Vegius is set to embark on an exciting journey of expansion and innovation. We are committed to enhancing the vegan lifestyle through our app and platform, and here’s what you can look forward to:


Join Us in Elevating Vegius: A $500K Journey Towards Compassionate Innovation

Building Robust Infrastructure: We are seeking $500,000 to bring Vegius to life. These funds will go towards:

  1. AI-Powered App and Website Development: A significant portion of the funds will be dedicated to building state-of-the-art AI technology. This will personalize user experiences, making it easier to discover vegan stays, experiences, and services.
  2. Expanding Stays and Experiences: We plan to enrich our app with an extensive range of vegan stays and experiences, offering more choices and diversity to our users. Your funding will help us populate our current directory with more verified and user-friendly listings, ensuring a comprehensive resource for all vegan needs.
  3. New Features for Additional Services: We’re excited to add new sections like a restaurant directory, services, and retail options. These expansions will transform Vegius into a one-stop solution for all vegan lifestyle needs.
  4. Marketing & Expanding Global Reach: Spreading the word to grow our compassionate community. Our vision extends to establishing Vegius as the leading global resource for vegan travel and lifestyle, making compassionate and sustainable living more accessible worldwide.

Backers’ Benefits: Your Support, Our Gratitude

1. Generous Saver’s Perk: Pledge $25

Unlock exceptional value with your $25 pledge! You’ll receive a $50 service fee credit on Vegius, reusable across multiple bookings until fully redeemed. Start experiencing the joy of compassionate travel with this exclusive discount, valid from March 2024.

2. Compassionate Double Benefit: Pledge $50

Embrace the power of kindness with our Compassionate Double Benefit! Your generous $50 pledge gifts you a $100 discount on service fees. Enjoy the flexibility to spread this benefit over multiple Vegius bookings, making each journey more rewarding. Start your compassionate travel adventures with this exclusive offer, valid from March 2024.

3. Journey Enhancer Bonus: Pledge $100

Transform your travel experiences with our Journey Enhancer Bonus! Pledge $100 and receive a whopping $200 discount on service fees. Plus, once you’ve utilized the initial $200, continue your adventures with an extra 8% off on service fees until 30th June 2025. It’s our way of saying thanks and making your compassionate journeys even more memorable.

4. Traveler’s Compassion Circle: Pledge $250

1. $500 Discount on Service Fees: An immediate $500 discount applicable to service fees on Vegius.

2. Ongoing 8% Off on Service Fees: After utilizing the initial $500, enjoy an additional 8% off on service fees until 30th June 2025.

3. Five-Year Pro Membership: Exclusive Pro Membership for five years, offering a suite of premium features:

  • Unlimited AI Curated Searches: Access to limitless searches with our AI system, tailored for your vegan preferences.
  • Exclusive Deals at Vegan Restaurants: Enjoy special discounts and deals at select vegan restaurants, exclusively for Pro members.
  • Access to a Variety of Vegan Recipes: Explore and try diverse vegan recipes, enhancing your culinary journey.

If we don’t reach our full goal, the funds will still be used to develop the core features of Vegius, ensuring the critical parts of our work continue.

At Vegius, our journey is driven by a deep-rooted belief in sustainability – not just as a concept, but as a practical, everyday reality. We’re pioneering a platform that harmonizes vegan-friendly travel and lifestyle with ecological and ethical consciousness. Our commitment goes beyond offering services; it’s about nurturing a global community that values kindness, compassion, and sustainability.

Building a Sustainable Platform: Crowdfunding allows us to build Vegius on a foundation of community support, ensuring that our growth aligns with the values we stand for. By involving you, our backers, we’re creating a platform that’s truly by the people, for the planet. Your contributions will directly fund the development of our app and website, ensuring they are robust, user-friendly, and aligned with our sustainable goals.

Empowering the Community: Your support helps us expand our reach, connecting more vegan service seekers and providers, and thereby amplifying the impact of sustainable living practices. It also enables us to support animal sanctuaries, turning every booking on Vegius into a step towards greater animal welfare.

A Collective Vision: This crowdfunding campaign is more than just raising funds; it’s about building a community united in its vision for a sustainable future. It’s a chance for each of us to be part of something larger – a movement towards a more compassionate and eco-conscious world.

Join Us in Making a Difference: By backing Vegius, you’re not just supporting a business – you’re championing a cause. Your contribution is an investment in a sustainable future, making a statement that compassion and conscientious living are not just ideals, but achievable realities.

We believe in the power of collective action. With your support, Vegius will be more than just a platform – it will be a testament to what we can achieve when we come together for compassion and sustainability.

Your contribution to Vegius is pivotal. By supporting us, you’re not only backing a platform that simplifies vegan-friendly travel and living, but you’re also empowering compassionate businesses by connecting them with their target audience. Vegius isn’t just an app; it’s a movement towards a more compassionate world. Our mission extends beyond providing services—it’s about supporting animals and those who dedicate their lives to caring for them.

We are proud to have partnered with over 120+ vegan animal sanctuaries worldwide. This collaboration is at the heart of our mission, where a significant portion of our service fees is channeled directly to these sanctuaries. Through this initiative, every booking or transaction made on Vegius doesn’t just benefit the user—it also contributes to the wellbeing of animals and supports the incredible work of these sanctuaries.

Your contribution is pivotal. Not only are you supporting a platform that simplifies vegan-friendly travel and living, while empowering compassionate businesses by connecting them to their target audience. Vegius isn’t just an app; it’s a movement towards a more compassionate world, centered around supporting animals and those who care for them (animal sanctuaries).

Risks & Challenges

Launching a platform like Vegius comes with challenges, from development hurdles to building a robust user base. My background in technology and a dedicated team of experts equip us to overcome these obstacles. We’re committed to transparency and will keep our backers informed every step of the way.

Other Ways You Can Help

Even if you can’t contribute financially, you can help immensely by spreading the word about Vegius. Share our campaign on social media, tell your friends, and use the Indiegogo share tools. Every bit of support brings us closer to our goal!

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Weapon X – Full Suspension Carbon Mid Drive eMTB

The Weapon X features a hand laid carbon fiber frame which beautifully integrates a whopping 840Wh battery, 750W (1000W peak) mid-motor, dropper post, color LCD display and thumb throttle. It rides on racing spec DVO Onyx E-2 fork, DVO Topaz rear suspension and light but stiff alloy wheels. 

GOAL£434 Flexible GoalPLEDGED£203,921 GBP
Project status dated : 02 November 2022

The Story

The wait is over!

The most powerful carbon fiber electric mountain bike of it’s class!

Uphill Flow

Take your mountain biking to the next level. It’s the best of both worlds—it rallies the trail like a traditional bike on descents but rips back to the top with powered assist on climbs. Make climbs the best part of your ride!

The Experience

The Weapon X is incredibly snappy. The wheel base is designed to make cornering on the trail quick and stable. You’ll stay pinned to the dirt and have enough travel to absorb any bump or jump on the trail. In a word: FUN!

The battery and motor seamlessly integrate into a beautiful, hand laid carbon fiber frame. It’s lightweight, snappy and ready to take command of any terrain.

Where others try to sell you ‘off the shelf’ carbon fiber frames, we designed ours from scratch and put it through rigorous testing to be worthy of the FLX name.

Mid-Drive Power

The mid-drive motor configuration is the preferred set up for eMTB’s. The low center of gravity coupled with fast motor engagement results in control in the corners and power off the line. 

Why DVO?

The Weapon is supported by DVO suspension giving riders custom tunability to make their ride just right. DVO is a ‘rider propelled’ brand bringing over 80 years of collective suspension building with great customer service to the market. eMTB specific Onyx E-2 and Onyx E-1 forks are built to handle the extra weight of electric bikes and keep the rider in control no matter the conditions.

Active Braking Power

Powerful Magura 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes work in tandem with our active braking suspension designed to keep the rider in control and balanced under large braking forces in rough terrain where the suspension is active.

Speed Defies Gravity

The SDG Tellis dropper post is a proven work horse made to keep the rider in the perfect position for climbing or attacking descents. Simply press the remote lever to raise or lower the seat with ease.

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Crowdfunding Campaigner Magazine has selected this project as part of the general selection process and has not been requested or paid commission to promote this project. The project is considered as relevant in this market and suggesting the project is worth backing due to its viability and potential for success.