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About this project

We created Wynd out of a need to create clean environments for ourselves and our families wherever we go.

Ray (founder) frequently traveled to Asia, where poor air quality is a well-known problem. He hated the way pollution made him feel, and wanted to be able to take healthy air with him on the go. An engineering major at MIT, he decided to take action—he brought together a team that included other MIT engineers, seasoned designers, and even a former rocket scientist to build such a device.

Air quality affects people all over the world and comes in different forms. Allergens, germs, and smog decrease quality of life and lead to long-term health issues. As we developed Wynd, we met people from all walks of life who wanted to breathe healthier air. Over 40 prototypes were distributed to people from the U.S. to China to Israel and Nepal. Testers used them to clear their allergies in San Francisco, keep themselves and their families (and even babies) safe from air pollution in Beijing, and filter out mold spores from hotel rooms in Southeast Asia.

After 18 months of work we’re excited to bring you Wynd. We hope it will have a positive impact on your life.

How it works

Wynd is an air purification system that monitors the air for particulates and cleans the air as needed.

Wynd is the size of a water bottle, so you can take it with you wherever you go: Whether you’re traveling, working at the office, or sleeping in your bed, Wynd can create a bubble of clean air around you.

Purifier meets tracker

Wynd is more than one device: It’s an air quality tracker and purifier in one— and the tracker can actually detach for ultimate mobility.


The GeoOrbital wheel takes under 60 seconds and no tools to install and is built to last.  Everything needed to power your bike is included in the wheel!


At 0.6 pounds and 2.8 inches in diameter at the base, Wynd goes where you go. Wynd lasts for 8 hours of typical use without having to recharge the battery.



Cleans the air quickly

Wynd keeps your personal space free from particulates, including allergens, germs, and industrial pollution (PM2.5).


Wynd cleans these particles out quickly. Despite its small form factor, Wynd can deliver over 8 liters of clean air per second.


You don’t need to wait to breathe fresh air. Wynd can instantly funnel clean air towards you.

Monitors your air quality

Know your air quality at all times. The Wynd Air Quality Tracker continuously monitors your environment and alerts you when it becomes unhealthy. The tracker senses for the level of particulate pollution, from sources such as allergens, tobacco smoke, bacteria, mold spores, and smog.


It’s the smallest particulate sensor on the market, so you can easily take it with you.

Check the air quality at a glance: The tracker’s light color shows you how healthy the air is.

Auto mode

We don’t just tell you the air quality: We proactively take care of the problem. With Auto mode, Wynd can automatically adjust its purification level to maintain a clean environment.

Just sit back, relax, and know that Wynd is keeping your air healthy.

Learn more about what you’re breathing

Open the Wynd iOS app to get more insights into your environment.
Get notified when the air quality around you is getting worse.
Track how your environment changes over time.

Wynd tells you how much pollution it’s kept out of your lungs. By tracking air quality, airflow level, and usage duration, we can determine how many milligrams of particulate matter Wynd has cleaned from the air.

Got friends in L.A., a grandma in Beijing, or a child you want to keep safe? Keep tabs on your loved ones’ air quality.

Check out macro air quality levels with Air Bubbles, our free companion iOS app.

As our community grows, we can even combine everyone’s tracker data to create a worldwide crowdsourced air quality map—the Waze of air quality. This would open the doors to hyper-local air quality info that could help people around the globe stay healthy.

How we differ from other purifiers


Why Kickstarter

We need your help to build the product, spread the word, and grow the community. But most importantly, we want to engage with the amazing community of early adopters here and get everyone’s feedback and ideas.

Risks and challenges

As with any smart hardware project, there are natural risks and challenges in engineering and manufacturing. We’ve done our best to minimize risks for backers: We’ve completed our design for manufacturing (DFM) and have completed seven generations of prototypes. In addition, we’ve already chosen our contract manufacturer in South China and have begun tooling, which will be used to create the premium matte plastic enclosures for Wynd. Our electronics and firmware are also at an advanced stage. In addition, the accompanying Wynd app is being developed and on track.

Our team is experienced in the manufacturing world, and we’re confident that we can meet our timelines. However, unexpected delays can occur due due to manufacturing issues, component shortages, and possibly more. We’ll do our best to be as transparent as possible and keep you informed, and work hard to resolve any issues as they may arise.

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