Whats in a video


    The Internet helps us communicate more interactively with a larger audience than any other conventional communication tools. If you are interested in reaching out to a massive number of people for your crowdfunding project, making a video will surely help you accomplish the task.

    The importance of a video cannot be undermined when you need to convey your message to your audience. If your project involves complex ideas, using a visual communication tool can help capture the interest of the viewers as well as make it more understandable.

    Moreover, if your project is related to a very dull field, such as computer coding, it will fail to captivate your audience if presented in textual form. A video describing your project can add a zing to the topic and not only grab the attention of your target audience, but also excite them.

    A visual representation of your campaign will help to establish an emotional bond between you and your target audience. It can strike the right chords and work as a persuasive and compelling communication tool.

    To make a convincing video that helps you to convey your message to your audience in an effective manner, make sure your video contains the following:

    • An Introduction: Give a proper introduction of who you are. Giving a little background about yourself and your achievements is definitely a plus.•    Share Your Idea: You can share the idea that you have come up with. Narrate it in the form of a story, telling the viewer how you came upon the idea or what your source of inspiration was.
    • Show a Prototype: If you are crowdfunding to develop a product, show a prototype of the product. Use it in the video so that viewers can see how it works and what it can do.
    • Highlight the Benefits: Tell your audience the uses and benefits of your product or service. Also, tell them why your project is worth investing in.
    • Quote the Amount: Tell your audience the amount you need to develop this project, and how and where you will use the money you raise from the campaign. Use charts and graphs to prove your point.
    • Gain Confidence: Convince the viewers that you can accomplish this task and give them reasons to believe in you.
    • Mention the Rewards: Inform your audience about the perks and rewards that they may benefit from, if they contribute towards your project.
    • End on a Kind Note:  Wrap up the video with a kind note and thank your viewers, telling them that you appreciate their interest in the project.

    Communicating your message through a video in a clear, simple and passionate way will surely grab the attention of your target audience and will give them more reasons to trust you and help you raise the funds you need for your project.


    Whats in a video?