Vtuls – virtual health & wellness coaching service

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About this project

A qualified health coach tracks your daily Vital signs, fitness activity, blood pressure and more.

“Vtuls addresses a gap in the market by providing a personalised Health and Wellness coaching service that works in conjunction with an affordable, accurate and portable device measuring Vital signs.”

The regular monitoring and management of health statistics, such as weight, blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, cholesterol, activity and stress levels, has been shown to reduce risk for developing heart disease, strokes and cancer. Knowing your health statistics gives you an opportunity to better monitor your own health and to reduce these risks.

Modern medicine often focuses on cure rather than prevention and the risks of leading an unhealthy lifestyle are, perhaps, not as widely understood as they ought to be. Being healthy is the best way to prevent many life threatening illnesses.

Regular monitoring of health statistics with tools, such as Vtuls, can help to identify the risk of silent killers such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, among others.


Vtuls is a revolutionary Health and Wellness service built around an affordable, accurate and portable device that measures Vital signs, such as blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, and soon, blood cholesterol, blood sugar, total hemoglobin count, and urine analysis. This is combined with the user’s fitness activity measured through their existing monitor to provide a complete picture of the user’s health.

In addition, a qualified health coach tracks the user’s Vital signs and offers direct feedback, so as to be able to guide them and potentially detect health issues, possibly before the users know it themselves.

It’s not just about giving advice, however. The Vtuls service is a dynamic, communicative process that offers the capability to input pertinent psychological/social factors and has been designed to help users to reach their goals from a behavioural perspective.

What makes Vtuls so special?

While most of the personal devices worn today offer basic metrics, none capture the key Vital signs as Vtuls does.

  • Our Health and Wellness services are built around fitness trackers such as Fitbit and an affordable, accurate and portable device that measures Vital signs and much more. The device is CE marked and approved since September 2015 and has been developed to meet the compliance requirements set by the US FDA (Food & Drug Association).
  • Vtuls also offers the capability to input pertinent psychological/social factors.
  • Not only does Vtuls offer the user direct feedback of metrics, it also delivers analytics based on known baselines. The advice offered is  based on accurate Vital sign readings.
  • Motivational coaching is given by a licenced expert who assists users in both understanding any ‘flags’ that are raised and offers lifestyle, fitness, or dietary suggestions.

How VTULS works:

Your health, where it should be, in your hands. Whether you’re a fitness guru, a tech fanatic, a medical student, health enthusiast or an athlete, Vtuls is being developed and launched for you.

The health peripherals that measure multiple Vital signs connect with the Vtuls device. This feeds data to your Vtuls app, giving you up-to-date, accurate data on demand.

Simply strap or place a peripheral device, such as the armband, on your body and snap – the information is then displayed on your smart phone. Data collected by your fitness device is also collected by the Vtuls app to help you to keep to your goals.

You will have instant access to your health data, and a qualified health coach is available on a regular basis to help you make sense of it all. They will even be there to advise you on any lifestyle or dietary changes.


The concept of Vtuls was born in 2014, although technology had not yet caught up with Jas Saini’s idea. After initial developments, we began talks with AMI and OpenTeleHealth at the beginning of 2016 and we aim to launch Vtuls into the health, wellness and fitness markets by the end of this year.

Why we need your support

We have been working on Vtuls for two years and believe that it addresses a gap in the market by providing a comprehensive Health and Wellness service to consumers. Your support will allow us to offer Vital signs monitoring to all. We believe that Health and Wellness monitoring should be attainable by everyone, which is why we have built our service around an affordable and accurate device. No personal device worn today offers the ability to capture key signs as Vtuls does.

So, why should you support us?

  • You would like to monitor your Vital signs and receive expert coaching to meet your wellness goals.
  • You want to be part of a wellness community that offers a service tailored to your specific health and fitness needs.
  • You will be one of the first to use the Vtuls service and among those helping to revolutionise the Health and Wellbeing industry.
  • You will be helping to safeguard your future health and that of your family.

The partners

Amercian Megatrends (AMI)

AMI offers hi-tech engineering solutions and services to customers worldwide. With ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 13485 certifications. AMI’s extensive product line includes Healthcare IT solutions.

You can find out more about our partner, AMI, here: http://www.amibolt.com/vitalsfit/index.html


OpenTeleHealth is a universal cloud-based remote health measurement platform. It allows health data to be measured at home using an app and a wide range of medical measurement devices. Medical professionals can also access patient data from a web portal.

You can find out more about our partner, OpenTeleHealth, here: http://www.opentelehealth.com/


“I think Health Coaching is a great approach and ties in very well with Government directives of people having choices and health professionals having to look at what clients want. I think society has become a ‘consumer’ society all round, with people often thinking that the doctor/health professional knows what’s best and will make me better. This leaves people helpless. I think it is time that we understand that we have our own responsibilities and that we can act as such and feel empowered.” Michael Johnson, Community Occupational Therapist

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