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Answer calls by voice command or with a simple tap. Prevent accidents by keeping the smartphone right in front of your eyes.

When driving, SAFETY comes FIRST!

When using a car mount that makes you turn your eyes away from the road, you expose yourself to great dangers. When using a windshield car mount your view is obstructed and the phone may be hard to reach. It’s also illegal in some places… My Vizy Not Smart At a speed of 100 km/h (60mph), in JUST 2 seconds, a car will travel 55 meters (60 yards). If you take your eyes off the road in that moment, disaster can strike!

The human visual field has an approximative 60-degree angle. Approximative 15-degree for the object of focus (in green) and 45-degree for the peripheral visual field (in yellow). The peripheral visual field is divided in two: 10-15-degree above the object of focus and 30-35-degree under it.

Are windshield mounts legal in your state?

Meet VIZY – the safest car mount on the market.

Vizy is a strong, robust, and durable car mount (made of premium materials) that attaches to your sun visor, the smartest place to keep your smartphone.

Vizy® is a registered trademark. The phone holder for sun visor is a patent-pending device.
Vizy® is a registered trademark. The phone holder for sun visor is a patent-pending device.

Drive safe and unobstructed!


Fits any sun visor, for every car.

Vizy is easy to mount, no matter how you use your sun visor: open or closed, your road is always clear!


Comes with an APP to easily accept calls.

Using MyVizy app (that runs in the background) you can answer incoming calls by double tapping the screen or by simply saying “Answer”. Calls are automatically set on speaker mode.


Fits All Smartphones

Vizy comes in 5 main colors, each with 2 or 3 variants for the silicone part. Would you like a different color? Just let us know and maybe we can have it as a stretch goal.

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 My Vizy @ WORK

We are working with an experienced manufacturer and we are in production already waiting for the first 10.000 units, looking to launch VIZY via Kickstarter. This is the timeline for our campaign and thanks to preorders, Vizy products will be ready for shipping as soon as the campaign ends.

If any problems or delays occur, we will be transparent and let you know every detail in our updates.

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