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The solid ply case that is your work surface, toolbox and studio all in one. Studio space that’s ready wherever you need it



The Tiny Workbench is a tabletop studio in a beautifully smart, robust, birch ply box that opens up on any flat surface, provides a space where you can design, make and build in your own personal workshop and then tidies away inside itself. It is hand built to last and can cater for many creative disciplines. 

A compact studio for model makers, miniature painters, electronics and circuit builders, card makers and paper crafters. For paper quilling, terrain building, clay modelling, kit bashing, leather crafts, jewellery makers and woodworking. Even a backdrop for your crafting Youtube channel. Where there’s creativity, there’s a way with the Tiny Workbench.

Our A2 Tiny Workbench prototype lighting up.

While you may not have a dedicated area, workspace or office you can call your own, you can be creative at your own Tiny Workbench. If you’re just starting out in a craft, need a home for a specific project, or if you just want a creative space to call your own without studio rent costs, the Tiny Workbench is designed to be highly functional, of exceptional quality, great looking and packs away inside itself.

This is a premium, hard wearing, high quality, beautifully made workspace produced with care and attention to every last detail. Each one is hand made in our workshop and a well deserved upgrade from the cutting mat on the kitchen table. This is a space you want to work at, to enjoy spending time here and invest in your craft, hobby, career and yourself. 


  •  Made with BB grade birch plywood from FSC suppliers, jointed with a stopped housing joint to form a robust and beautiful box. 
  •  Bound with 25mm traditional weave polypropylene webbing for strength and flexibility, the webbing straps lay in between the table and the work surface for a little buffer and protection for both the table and your Workbench.  
  •  Likewise the Tiny Workbench sits on tapered rubber feet, the same used in flight cases for durability and stability while working. 
  •  The 14 gauge steel handles are bolted in directly with socket cap head bolts to take advantage of the multiple layers of the ply for the internal thread. The same bolts hold the carbon steel magnetic tool strips in the back wall of the workbench. 
  •  To light up the workspace, a removable 5 volt usb powered strip with three colour temperatures (warm, neutral, daylight) pulls out from the top of the box and can plug into a wall or power bank with the 2m long cable. 
  •  The internal configuration of drawers are free standing, removable and cut from 6mm ply with a precision CNC. 
  •  The cutting mat will no doubt see the hardest wear and is replaceable, held with removable double sided tape. 


We need your backing to perfect these prototypes, get them lean, precise and finished to the highest standard so we can aim to ship your rewards in time for Christmas. We will use funds raised to go towards advertising across various crafts media channels and in specialist magazines. With your help to kickstart our project, we will be able to lay foundations for a successful online store, a home and community for the future of the Tiny Workbenches to support all craftspeople in their disciplines.


The rewards prices are currently at 20% less than we will be able to retail the Tiny Workbenches for. Join us through this campaign and you will be rewarded with the Tiny Workbench at the lowest cost possible!

As well as Tiny Workbenches in three sizes that are manufactured by our highly skilled craftspeople in our workshop, we have Flat Pack versions that you can build yourself, with the benefit of being able to make your own things at the Tiny Workbench you made yourself. And to go even further, we have the digital plans available for you to really truly build one yourself, or three. The digital plans have instructions for all three sizes of Tiny Workbench. 

Jim gluing up.
Kelly gets stuck in.



The finished product will be ever so slightly different than the prototypes shown here. Keep up to date with our fine tuning process and progress at https://www.instagram.com/tiny.workbench Materials supply is getting back on track so there shouldn’t be huge delays in that respect. With regards to shipping times there are still minor delays due to ongoing Covid-19 issues but we will get these shipped as soon as possible. We are brand new at Kickstarter but are seasoned creators who have worked to a wide range of budgets and timelines successfully. Vic used to work in TV production and handles all the content, logistics and planning. Mike is a very experienced bespoke furniture maker, designer, wood hoarder and a design obsessive.

PLEASE NOTE: Figures quoted relating to pledges and backers are based on the values at the time of publishing and are subject to change. Follow the link below to see current status.

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