The Secret to Equity Crowdfunding Success


The Secret to Equity Crowdfunding Success is not a secret at all, the wheel was invented long ago

You see the questions and comments in blogs and posts everyday – “provide a one word answer for successful crowdfunding”. 10 steps in building a crowdfunding campaign. And the list goes on and on. Risking disappointing a large group of would be equity crowdfunding entrepreneurs the answer will always be that there is no magic formula or secret sauce. The wheel was invented long ago and fortunately it is available to all and free of charge.

The article presents a short list of bullet points to be considered but do your own research, there is a ton of valuable information available especially if you follow the advice and learn from how companies prepare for IPOs in the traditional capital markets. In fact, if you learn one thing only from reading this is that you should adapt and adopt proper procedures for an IPO to plan

Read this months issue to consider researching how companies prepare for IPOs, take what meets your needs and discard the practices for much larger capital raises – but heed the advice and follow the beaten path so many have taken on their way to success