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About this project

The Greatest Coconut Oil For The World – Improving the Livelihood of Coconut Farmers with Handmade Coconut Oil. The Finest Quality on Earth.

Our One-For-One tree planting initiative is a good start, but creating a positive change in the lives of coconut farmers cannot be done by just sourcing coconut oil from a large manufacturer. Despite the popularity of coconut products there is very little awareness or evaluation of fair-trade standards, and farmers are severely exploited.

The problem we’re trying to solve simply needs more attention, understanding, effort, passion, and heart. Most importantly, it needs a community of great people to support a change.


The idyllic coconut palm setting may be extraordinary, but the industrialization of this magnificent “Tree of Life” has a troubled history, responsible for more than 60 percent of the Filipino coconut farming community living in extreme poverty. Coconut farmers exist at the subsistence level and are considered some of the poorest people in the Philippines. Their existence producing Copra at the terminal end of the coconut distribution chain often leaves entire communities hopeless, as they’re most vulnerable to exploitation and environmental disasters.

Copra – A Vegetable oil commodity made from the dried flesh of often rotten coconuts & processed using chemicals at large factories.


The solution to many of the problems and constraints that coconut farmers face can be solved with the implementation of a hand made DME (Direct Micro Expeller) production method for Raw Organic Coconut Oil.

The method uses no fuel or other resources and is fully sustainable. There is zero waste and no negative impact on the environment. It also allows for the use of often wasted parts of the coconut to be developed into other “downstream products”.

While Copra production is primarily for men, the DME process creates opportunities for both men and women, while creating a community-driven working environment tat encourages collaboration and teamwork. From the time the coconut is cracked open, it takes less than one hour to produce the finest quality Raw Organic Coconut Oil. The freshest coconut oil in the world.


By creating opportunity in a high-value market and making more effective use of the existing resource, we can work towards growing self-sustaining communities.

Much of the returns from DME Coconut Oil flow through the community, creating significant development and opportunity. When we are able to assist in the production of downstream products, additional industries are developed, reaching local and international markets.

Our long-term goal is to implement 10 small batch  coconut  oil facilities in Eastern Samar. We have the infrastructure and support in place. Our focus now is on building a community and establishing our place in the market. As demand grows for Kapuluan products, we will build additional facilities to meet the demand, while strengthening our operation and significantly affecting the positive impact of our efforts all over Eastern Samar.


Our ultimate goal is to Improve the livelihood of Coconut Farming Communities – connecting Customers with Farmers – growing a community of change for a better world.

When you contribute to the campaign you directly impact the lives of small farmers and their community. Your contribution will go towards the building of a small batch Coconut Oil production facility in Eastern Samar, Philippines. It will also extend to the equipment, training & education, the infrastructure with proven system & support, and a quality assurance program.

Coconut trees are not only needed to help farming communities recover from the destruction from Typhoons. One of the primary constraints Coconut Farmers face is that their income is too low to invest in the planting of new trees, creating issues with sustainability and growth, perpetuating poverty.

Planting new Coconut Trees also helps in the fight against global warming!


DME Coconut Oil is the Freshest and Finest Quality Coconut Oil in the World. Handmade in Small Batches by Small-Scale Coconut Farmers



We’ll not only plant a coconut tree in your name but also give you early access to raw, handmade coconut oil at lower than retail prices. You’ll get to experience for yourself the benefits of DME handmade coconut oil while also playing an important role in improving the livelihoods of these coconut farmers. Ultimately, you are making this all possible.

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This campaign reflects the impact of a natural dictator and how crowdfunding can help in supporting the people and the future generations.


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The video is very clear in stating the impact of the disaster and how the people are struggling to get back to their natural way of life. The video works well in defining what is needed and the text and imagery help in defining the intention of the campaign.


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The video reflects the devastation with clearly defined information about the campaigns intention and rewards and therefore has a quality score of 95%