StartEngine Tops $200 Million in Crowdfunding


StartEngine, a leading securities crowdfunding platform, reports that it has topped $200 million in investments to issuers raising capital on its platform. StartEngine says the funding went to 439 individual campaigns for companies in 53 different industries.

StartEngine points to accelerating growth as it took the company 1743 days to surpass $100 million and 396 days for the next hundred million. So far, in 2020, StartEngine claims over $85 million being raised on its platform with a current pace of $175.36 raised per minute (from July 28 until now).

StartEngine notes that over 173,000 investors have participated in securities offered on its platform with its own shareholders being some of the most active investors committing over $63 million of the total. StartEngine has self-crowdfunded in the past and currently is seeking additional capital from individual investors.

StartEngine is both a FINRA regulated funding portal as well as a Broker Dealer. It offers securities under Reg CF and Reg A+ and has also leveraged Reg D in the past. StartEngine holds an ATS license (alternative trading system) and is positioned to launch a secondary marketplace but has not yet indicated when it plans to go live with this service. A secondary market may help provide liquidity to an asset class that is historically highly illiquid with a good exit usually coming from a public offering or an M&A event.