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Never doze-off while driving with Sleepman! Boost your success & be your best with improved sleep, productivity & overall health!

SLEEPMAN UPGRADES ARE BASED ON KICKSTARTER COMMUNITY ADVICES AND SUGGESTIONS. We’ve cancelled our successfully funded Kickstarter campaign just over a year ago to implement our backer’s ideas and address their concerns. Finally, we are back with new Sleepman: smaller, sleeker, and fully upgraded. We’ve focused on the features that are crucial to our wellbeing, needed by most of us and unique to the Sleepman.

Sleepman with optional click-on display

New Sleepman display renderings might be slightly different from the actual app which is still in development

New Sleepman display renderings might be slightly different from the actual app which is still in development

Check your activity level, sleeping data, meditate, or even watch your heart rate in real time without looking at your phone. An optional Sleepman display can be programmed to show the info you prefer. Components we’ve chosen do not consume much energy and would not significantly decrease your battery life. The optional display shares the plugin connectors with the Sleep Enhancer signal amplifier electrode and simply clicks on. It is not mandatory to have the display on for your Sleepman to work properly, it’s rather an accessory for your convenience.  A display frame is compatible with any regular 22 mm watch band or bracelet of your choice. If you’d like to have an optional screen please add $29 to your pledge for each Sleepman unit.

You may not feel the impulses but surely feel the difference!

You may not feel the impulses but surely feel the difference!

The unique E-magnetic Enhancer generates scientifically designed and thoroughly tested micro-current impulses. They intensify your night sleep or daytime power relaxation, gently and absolutely safely. You may not feel them, but they are very effective due to Sleepmans’ self-learning algorithms that adjust the impulses to your individual bio-rhythms.

Daytime drowsiness is our common enemy. Sleepman monitors your activity level and wouldn’t let you lose control by warning you of tiredness and focus loss.

Always wake up on the right side of a bed with Sleepman! Intensified sleep helps you feel energized and Sleepman Power Relaxation Mode takes care of daytime drowsiness even if you have only 15 minutes to spare while working, driving, traveling or staying home.

“It’s so great to see how deep this product goes into complexity to ensure a person’s better life well being by enhancing the every aspect of your sleep, truly fascinated!”

“Hi guys, I have just backed, looks like a great project!”

“All the best to your project restart…and be sure that I will support you again”

“Thank you for being up-front an honorable about all of this; I will absolutely be back for the next round. ^‿^” 

Poor sleep & not enough rest are public health epidemics – about 87% of people suffer from sleeping problems! Nothing affects our mood, productivity and creativity as badly as a bad night sleep and a daytime fatigue. By helping you sleep better and boost your energy, Sleepman can make you look younger, and improve your daily performance, memory, general health and wellbeing.

Sleepman stores the history of your heart rhythms, oxygen levels, sleep patterns, daytime tiredness levels, etc. This information can be crucial for early diagnostics of dangerous heart arrhythmias, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and other health issues. The history may help your physician to diagnose your disorders better, cure them more effectively and even prevent the disorders. Sleepman is not a medical device and shouldn’t be treated as one. However, if a health problem happens, Sleepman may help your body to recover much fasterby enhancing your sleep and relaxation.

The estimated Sleepman MSRP is $200 and we’ve decided to include the optional E-magnetic Enhancer ($50 MSRP) as a gift with every Sleepman unit to our Kickstarter backers. Shipping to US & Canada is $8 and international shipping is $19 for any number of Sleepman devices at any pledge level.

Optional equipment at no cost is our way of saying Thank You Backers!

Optional equipment at no cost is our way of saying Thank You Backers!

In the Box: 1 Sleepman device (your choice of black or white), 1 USB charger, 1 E-magnetic Impulse Attachment with software and 2 gel electrodes (each electrode can be used up to 100 times), 2 hypoallergenic silicon slap bracelets (black and white), and Sleepman App Download Code.

Options and Extras

Click-on Display Kit

An optional click-on display kit includes 1 display (black or white) all needed software, one silicon band (black or white) and a set of 22 mm spring bars. Please add $29 to your pledge for each kit unless it is already included in your pledge reward.

An executive genuine leather kit.

Please add $19 to your pledge for each set unless it is already included in your pledge reward. This option includes 1 leather strap with matte black rings, a hole puncher and an easy adjustment instruction. It can hold Sleepman on either side of a wrist and can be adjusted for any hand.

The secret to waking up full of energy every day is in the timing. You need to be awaken in the right sleep stage, otherwise you might feel groggy. Sleepman’s Smart Alarm uses the best available Electrodermal Bio-Activity algorithms to accurately monitor your continually alternating sleep stages during the night and always wakes you up at the right moment closest to your alarm time.

Optional E-Magnetic Sleep Enhancer helps to improve your sleep making it more efficient and restful. In a Night Sleep Enhancement Mode, the device emits series of scientifically calculated micro-impulses increasing duration of the most restful deep sleep stages, so you gain more energy from shorter sleep. Although the Enhancer is safe to wear regularly throughout the night, every night use isn’t needed because it’s effect is a long-lasting.

Sleep experts found that 15 – 20 min power napping or full relaxation is the most effective way to recharge yourself, improve alertness, productivity, and mood throughout the day. The key to effective Power Nap is to be awaken just before you fall from a light sleep into a deep sleep. Sleepman accurately detects the optimal moment to get you back to your activity well re-energized and stress-relieved.

Optional E-Magnetic Sleep Enhancer in its Power Relaxation Mode strengthens the effects of a short rest by sending stimulation impulses to your nervous system. The impulses help you fully relax and intensify re-energizing process.

Daytime drowsiness and unnoticed fatigue decreases your productivity and abilities to achieve goals whether you work, study or just playing games. Do not lose a game, a relationship, a job, or even your life due to the loss of concentration. According to NHTSA over 100,000 crashes yearly only in US are attributed to driver’s fatigue. Sleepman monitors your alertness level and warns you at the earliest signs of focus loss, right on time for a coffee break or a power nap. Be safe and successful with Sleepman.

We’ve designed the new Sleepman to be your companion around the clock. It is elegant, modern-looking and can perfectly match any outfit for any occasion with easy-changeable colorful hypoallergenic one-size-fits-all slap bracelets that are equally comfortable for any hand, large or small, right or left!

Sleepman App fully controls the device and provides information on your sleep patterns, daytime activity and concentration levels presented in clear and easy-to-understand visual graphs. You will be able to see how a good night sleep and daytime power naps increase your wellbeing and easily adjust your routines to improve your daily performance and the quality of your sleep.

We have been working on bringing a good night’s sleep to the world for more than three years and now we are ready to share the new Sleepman with you. Sleepman monitors your brain activity and sleep stages through Electro-Dermal Activity (EDA) sensors using the most advanced EDA bio-signal tracking algorithms, thoroughly tested, and optimized for more than two decades. EDA monitoring is highly accurate, non-intrusive and does not interfere with your neuro-activity. After the cancellation of our successful 2016 Kickstarter campaign we’ve added heart and oxygen monitors, implemented e-magnetic enhancement system, made new Sleepman water-resistant and more comfortable to wear due to our self-adjustable slap-bracelets that could be put on or changed with one click.


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