How a simple need for music turned into solar cells and big dreams


The Earwig speaker system is an innovative, solar-powered speaker with great focus on design, functionality and sound.

Throughout the years, we’ve put the concept to the test, and now we’re finally ready to launch our most powerful speaker system to date. The Earwig comes equipped with state-of-the-art solar cell technology and an advanced LiFePo4 battery system, acoustically tuned for both indoor and outdoor use, has a brand new app-interface and is even customizable through the interchangeable front cover. In short, the Earwig redefines what you can expect from an all-in-one speaker system.

“We don’t want to be yet another producer of sound systems. We want our customers to experience something altogether new and provide them with a product never before seen,” says one of the founders, Joakim Stentoft Hansen.

The core concept behind the Earwig is to provide a speaker system that fits every occasion without ever needing to be recharged. When in the light of the sun, the speaker system is powered solely from the solar cell without using the battery. Thanks to the solar cell, the battery will even charge itself as the music is playing at a moderate volume, allowing you the unlimited experience of the Earwig.

The speaker system comes equipped with a digital amplifier technology, which through a specially designed DSP (digital signal-processor) allows loud and crystal clear sound at volumes of up to a staggering 115 dB. Our superb sound engineers make sure that the sound experience is unparalleled.

However, it is worthless having a speaker system that will play infinitely, if your cellphone or portable media player runs out of battery. That’s why the Earwig comes equipped with an USB outlet, allowing you to fully charge your phone numerous times.

We began developing the speaker system because we couldn’t find one that fitted our needs, and our results continues to exceed our expectations. We hope that others will enjoy the Earwig as much as we have and still do.

Have a look at the campaign as well as the Earwig speaker system here: