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About this project

Schoolism Subscriptions are designed to be flexible, affordable, and above all, valuable to your career. For as little as $10 per month you can have instant and unlimited access to the knowledge you’ve been searching for. Courses are made up of up to nine extensive lessons broken down further into absorbable chapters. Each lesson includes assignments designed to strengthen the skills you’ve learned and ensure that every technique taught becomes another valuable resource in your artistic toolbox. And if at any point in your subscription you’d like to switch to any other class, you can do so for just $1.00.


SELF-TAUGHT COURSES. With the success of this Kickstarter, it won’t matter where in the world you’re from—as long as you have internet, our Self-Taught classes will be accessible—and affordable!—to you. You can subscribe monthly to the course of your choice, watch and re-watch the lectures to your heart’s content, and learn at your own pace. And if you ever feel that you’d like to focus on a different area of your art, it only costs a dollar to switch to a different Self-Taught class.

CRITIQUED SESSIONS WITH VIDEO FEEDBACK. These are our premium-level classes. In a Schoolism Critiqued Session, when you submit your assignments, your instructor will send back a video critique in which they will paint over your work, and tell you what you’ve done well, where you’ve improved, what they might have done differently, and what to focus on next. With instruction from top artists that is tailored to your specific skills and style, you and those around you will amazed by how quickly you can improve.

SCHOOLISM LIVE WORKSHOPS. Our Schoolism LIVE workshops series, held all over the world, are not only a fantastic chance to receive the best art knowledge and advice out there straight from the source, but they are also a great chance to meet the instructors, and mingle and network with artists in your industry who are on the same exciting path as you.

FREE INTERVIEWS. Schoolism members can drop in on casual conversations between Bobby and a huge selection of professional artists that he has interviewed over the years. Get inspired by learning about the history of your favorite artists and how they got to where they are today.

Their mission is to help artists level up their skills and their careers by supplying the highest quality knowledge and education. Whether it’s through our classes, our workshops, or our interviews, we want the path towards your artistic potential to be clear.


Prior to the success of this Kickstarter, our Self-Start classes have cost on average $470 per class. Now we’re chopping that price down to as low as $10/month for any course and it’s going to take a minimum of a few thousand subscribers to make this possible. This campaign is the perfect way for us to check that this new pricing model is feasible.

The money we earn from our backers will go towards generating new content, new classes, and programming costs for It will also go towards our live workshops that we hold around the world. Most of the money will of course go to our amazing artist instructors that we have the honor of learning from. After all, without their generosity to share their knowledge, Schoolism would not exist.

Risks and challenges

The logistical risks of this project have all been minimized. First, there’s no shipping to worry about as there are no physical products to deliver. Secondly, all of the online infrastructure has already been built and Schoolism has been successfully running for eight years now. Finally, we have already run a successful Kickstarter before in the form of “Niko & The Sword of Light” so none of this process is new to us.

The real risk in this project, however, is larger than the Kickstarter itself. This campaign represents Schoolism’s push towards a brighter future for art education. With Schoolism Subscriptions, we hope to make the long sought-after knowledge of today’s top professionals accessible to the masses. If this Kickstarter were to fail, then it would mark a great obstacle in the path towards widespread art education. This is why we hope you will become a backer, and ask others to join you with us in making art education history.