Pop & Rest Crowdfunding Pitching


Pop & Rest Crowdfunding Pitching

Date Time Venue
18:30 – 21:30 BST Thu 21 September 2017 Interchange Atrium (new LABS)
407 Chalk Farm Road


Pop & Rest warmly invites you to join us for our crowdfunding pitching event with wine tasting that will be held in LABS Altrium (Interchange) Camden the 21st of September 2017.We are a travel and well-being start-up specialized in offering the best power naps experience in London. Our business model has been Airbnb-alike (see http://space.popnrest.com/) but now we are setting up our own nap stations in Monument.

We now seek your involvement to help make this happen. We are raising funds in a first stage towards making its future greater. Anyone is welcomed to join the adventure.

Come join us to find out more about the project and add your voice to be part of the future of it

– 18:30: Warm welcome
– 19:00: Presentation
– 19:30: Q&A
– 20:00: Wine tasting – Domaine Férottin from French Côte du Rhône

Feel free to reach out anyone who might be interested in learning more about Pop&Rest and want to have an influence on its future.

Maurcio, CEO of Pop & Rest

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