Office in the Cloud tech company launches crowdfunding campaign


Wurkr seeks to be the leader in transforming the future of working from anywhere. We believe our solution is the first of its kind “Office in the Cloud” that simulates a physical office with always-on video technology.

We take the virtual workplace beyond occasional video catch ups and recreate the experience of working together all day in an immersive and engaging way. Our platform enables seamless team collaboration, bridging gaps between workers anywhere in the world and embracing a truly new way of working.

With working from home growing by 400% in the last decade, the future of the workplace is undergoing a fundamental shift and digital technology is at the core. We estimate that, post-pandemic, up to 40% of companies will continue to have employees working from home or elsewhere. The need for solutions that cater to this new way of working will only grow.

When you invest in Wurkr, you are participating in one of the fastest growing industries in the world. You are investing in and shaping the future of work.


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