New self-monitoring health and wellness service to measure vital signs and detect health issues


Vtuls, a new self-monitoring health and wellness service, is set to soon take the health technology and fitness industries by storm. Having just launched an exciting crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, founder Jas Saini aims to raise £50,000 via multiple small investments.

Backers of the Indiegogo campaign will have a variety of enticing perks available to them. The first backers to purchase the featured perk valued at £339 will receive the Vtuls device (RRP £200) plus four months subscription to the premium service – RRP £192. There are just 100 Early Bird spots available, making this an exclusive opportunity. There are further savings available too including:

• The Vtuls family pack priced at £779 that offers four Vtuls devices (RRP £800) plus four months subscription to the service for you and your family (up to four people) – RRP £768). Thereby saving backers £789.
• The Vtuls partner pack priced at £489 offers two Vtuls devices (RRP £400) plus four months subscription to the service for you and your partner (RRP £384), resulting in savings of £295.

While most of the personal fitness devices worn today offer basic metrics, none capture key vital signs as Vtuls does. Vtuls addresses a complete range of health issues, from chronic physical and psychological diseases to diabetes, heart conditions and hypertension, as well as enabling preventive action.

The Vtuls device monitors key vital signs, such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation, body temperature, blood cholesterol, blood sugar and total haemoglobin count. FDA (Food and Drug Association) grade data is then fed into the Vtuls app, which is monitored by a qualified health coach who will be able to detect any potential health issues – possibly before the user is aware.

Vtuls can also aid weight loss, as subscribers can choose to input data from popular wearable technologies, such as Fitbit and Jawbone. This data is then fed to the subscriber’s choice of Vtuls health coach. Each user is offered bi-weekly motivational coaching who will offer advice based on the subscriber’s goals.

The licenced health coaches assist users in understanding any health ‘flags’, while offering suggested lifestyle or dietary changes. The data captured by the Vtuls device and from users fitness trackers will provide the health coach with a bigger picture of the their health, wellness and fitness giving them the information needed to ensure the best possible advice is given.

Heading up the health coach team is Vtuls’ Chief Medical Officer, Dr Robert Kelly, an internationally trained intervention cardiologist, who practices cardiology at the Beacon Hospital in Ireland. Registered with the Irish Medical Council and the General Medical Council in the UK, Dr Kelly is also known to be a digital healthcare entrepreneur and medical advisor to several digital health businesses in telemedicine and heart health.

With a team of highly experienced and qualified professionals in the medical and technology industries, respectively, and with the help of backers of the crowdfunding campaign, Vtuls aims to bring their revolutionary service to the self-monitoring health industry later this year.

Jas Saini, founder of Vtuls commented: “Staying healthy reduces the chances of health issues such as heart disease, cholesterol, osteoporosis and diabetes.

“At Vtuls we aim to ensure our customers achieve optimal health, offering the guidance and reassurance users need to keep to their goals, as well as offering the chance of detecting a health issue before it becomes a concern.”

Vtuls is available on Indiegogo from 3rd June for 45 days.

For exclusive information about the Indiegogo campaign, visit the crowdfunding page here or contact the creators by email at