Mune A New Kind of Electronic Instrument

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About this project

The Mune is a brand new device that combines the power of digital music gear with the simplicity, soul and expressiveness of an acoustic instrument.

  • The Mune is a digital instrument inspired by acoustic instruments
  • It’s expressive, simple to pick up and play, and allows your audience to easily see the interactions you have with sound
  • Mune apps allow you to do everything from playing piano and synthesizer, to making drum beats and DJing
  • You do not need to be a musician or technical person to use the Mune! We promise!

We’re running a Kickstarter campaign in order to overcome the upfront costs of manufacturing the Mune so that it can reach the hands of musicians around the world!

Demo Video

What Does it Sound Like?

It can sound like anything – and like nothing you have heard before! Apps allow the Mune to have a never-ending stream of new sounds and modes to play: Sequence beats, play melodies and chords, control effects, DJ.

How Does it Work?

  • Open Mune Symphony on your computer/laptop
  • Turn on the Mune and watch it automatically connect to Symphony
  • Launch a Mune App
  • Play!



Can I Control My Current Music Software or Hardware?

Yes! You can use the Mune to control virtually any other music software or hardware via MIDI. Control Ableton Live, Traktor, GarageBand, Resolume and a whole lot more. You can even use a USB-MIDI to DIN/CV converter to hook it up to your analog hardware. There may be a stretch goal to add a MIDI DIN or CV port if we get enough support for it!



For Developers

… And those who want to be developers. Customize the Mune software and easily create your own apps! Open source runs through our veins at Mune. Mune’s embedded software and many apps will be made open source.

Apps by 3rd party developers can be shared through Symphony.

We are very happy to include a license of Cycling74’s Max with every Mune Explorer purchase. Max is an easy, creative and fun way to create your own Mune apps!


The Mune story began four years ago when Scott Stevenson met Andrew Staniland, a Canadian composer and music professor. Andrew had been composing “electroacoustic” music, combining the instrumentation of classical music with digital sounds and effects. Andrew had found that performing using current digital interfaces left him and his audiences unsatisfied.


With that, Andrew began a research project with the objective of creating a more satisfying electronic music performance instrument. Andrew and Scott initially focused on the problem of creating an interface that could face towards the audience and make interactions fully visible – but along the way they learned that there were other core elements that desktop interfaces were lacking. Attempting to match the expressiveness and sensitivity of an acoustic instrument became an integral part of our mission while developing a solution.

The first prototype of the Mune, (called the “Arc”) was so successful that it was decided to produce the instrument commercially. Four prototypes and many performances later, the Mune team is proud to emerge with a device which is truly a hybrid between a classical instrument and a digital controller.

Risks and challenges

We have a deep dedication to quality and craftsmanship. These are core values of our team that we think differentiates the Mune from many other devices on the market. As we move forward over the coming months, quality will always be prioritized above speed and profits.

Manufacturing inherently carries a risk of defects and unexpected delays. We are committed to “under-promising and over-delivering” on our timelines, however we cannot foresee every supply chain issue we may encounter. We believe in complete transparency, and will keep all of our backers up-to-date on any issues on a regular basis.

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