Migo—A Portable Internet-enabled 3D Printer

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Portable, Internet-Enabled, Industrial Quality. Migo is the perfect printer for you. Just plug it in and play! From $149

About this project

Two Kickstarter campaigns helped us make Migo. As experienced developers of professional 3D printers, we want to redefine personal 3D printing with Migo.

We thought about 3D printers on the market and asked: How can 3D printers make life simpler and easier? What if they were portable to use when maintaining simplicity, and yet still have a good deal of versatility and connectivity? They could bring your creations to life!

Introducing Migo, the ideal printer!


Introducing Migo, the ideal printer!

Migo is the smallest portable 3d printer. Migo is internet-enabled, offering you a complete range of professional features.

MIGO has an aluminum shell and components. Its minimalist design is a compact 155x195x270 mm. We meticulously designed every part to industrial standards.

Even printers with a larger build area cannot match Migo’s efficient volume to size ratio. The printing platform is 100x120x100 mm, a full 28% of the printer’s total area. Migo L, just 185x235x325 mm, features a build area of 150x150x150 mm. That’s 40% of Migo L’s total size!

Just 2.5 kg, Migo is the first truly portable printer. Migo goes anywhere, effortlessly, making it an indispensable part of your life.

Migo is equipped with TYPE-C, normally only used in high precision desktop 3D printers. We consolidated the extruder head’s power cord, signal cable, and other components into a single TYPE-C. This lets you plug-in and instantly print.

Migo is equipped with high quality linear guidance. The printing head’s patented location system ensures stability and efficiency. The auto-leveling function detects and corrects leveling deviations, freeing your printing process unwanted external influences.

Migo’s remarkable stability lets it print from 100 mm/s to a maximum 200 mm/s without sacrificing smoothness. 6. A nozzle diameter of 0.4 mm, and a layer resolution of 0.05 mm with industrial lead screw, ensure consistently high precision, smooth surfaces.

Migo is more than a 3D printer. Replace the print head with our 500 mw laser head and watch the magic! It can engrave soft surfaces — wood, leather, plastic, food and more.

We’ve added a range of vibrant, professional-grade colors that appeal to children and families.


Migo Xmaker software is user friendly, letting you create and manage your own files. (STL/SLC/OBJ supported)

Pre-processed files allow you to check and adjust printing parameters and control, for 1 to 50 units simultaneously, letting you print different models at the same time. Build your own Migo printing factory!

We’ve added a teaching mode for the classroom. Anyone can use it if they have wifi or simply scan Migo’s QR code. Operate Migo even away from home to share its remarkable features with your family, friends and coworkers!

Every Migo is equipped with Ethernet, WiFi, and PC board based on ARM. So all the information can be uploaded to the processor. Wherever there is internet, Migo can: 1) Print uploaded files, 2) Check printing progress, 3) Start/ pause/continue/cancel printing, 4) Monitor image printing (except the basic version).

For the 3D printer novices, the biggest challenge is model design. With Migo, you don’t need to be a modeler. No matter your age or profession, you will find designs in the Migo Generative Design app. Choose your model, then print directly or modify it for your life. Except for models of daily items, Migo Generative Design has a powerful design function. Simply click and drag to make your own fantastic designs.

Xmaker Apps

We’re working to promote a community of Migo users. In addition to downloading designs, you can submit your own work. If we’re successful on Kickstarter, we will begin to add more designs to the community platform.

MakeX Company has 4 years experience in the field of 3D technology. We strive to provide professional 3D printers at affordable prices, so every creative person can make their dreams come true.   From the first generation of open source products M-ONE, M-Jewelry, to the third generation of targeted professional printers, M-Jewelry, each generation of our products have enjoyed great success and added to the wealth of our experience. With two years research, development and testing, and a consistent design philosophy, we are bringing Migo to you. At the same time, we’re working with professional 3D printing manufacturers on hardware production and assembly.

Getting funded on Kickstarter means being able to maintain excellent printing quality while adding more functions in the near future, including dual printing heads, touch screens, CNC heads and more. So back us and, with your help, we’ll bring this marvelous machine, Migo, to you.

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