Kickstarter Supports Black Lives and Creative Work


Through the power of social media, we are being made aware of the horrors in a long history of systemic racism and pervasive injustice directed against Black people everywhere. Crowdfunding Campaigner would like to take this opportunity to raise a positive action taken by Kickstarter in supporting the black lives movement and creative work.

The article written by Aziz Hasan back in June raises the following points and objectives that I am sure as a supporter of change you will agree and help in funding some of the creative campaigns posted on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter as a crowdfunding platform is a place where creative work should be able to come to life free of the gatekeepers and barriers that restrict access to funding, hinder creative independence, and make it harder to connect with a supportive community. When Black creators are not afforded the same rights and protections from discrimination, violence, and harassment as the rest of us, their equal access to bringing creative work into the world is far from realized. Kickstarter are committed to fight the discrimination that Black creators face and to work to build a creative ecosystem where Black voices are heard as loudly and clearly as others.

Kickstarter have highlighted their commitment to ensure their work includes fighting inequality and to support a more creative and equitable world. This approach is reflected by giving 25 hours of annual paid time off for employees to volunteer for charitable causes and provide professional mentorship and skills training to people from groups underrepresented in the worlds of art, business, or technology. 

The following points reflect the strength in Kickstarter’s approach to change and worth highlighting:

Kickstarter recognize that they must actively work to fight the systems that marginalize and endanger Black lives in the creative ecosystem and in our workplace.

One way we can do this is by strengthening anti-racist practices and structures within Kickstarter’s platform and internal systems.

Kickstarter are committed to featuring projects by Black creators* across all of their channels: on their platform, through social media, and in our newsletters. This means ensuring our content lifts up Black creators and the Black Lives Matter movement, including:

  • Ensuring Black creators are always represented and elevated on our platform, in our newsletters, and among our “Projects We Love.”
  • Highlighting interviews in The Creative Independent and editorial content featuring Black voices.
  • Reposting content by Black creators and others in our community, as well as regularly highlighting success stories of Black creators.
  • Clearly linking to anti-racism resources and places where people can take action on social media, on our site, and in our newsletters.

In addition to the annual 5 percent contribution noted above, this year we have made a $10,000 donation, with the support and guidance of the Black at Kickstarter Affinity Group, to the Brooklyn Community Bail Fund in support of their ongoing efforts to secure the freedom of New Yorkers detained simply because they cannot afford bail.

Further, Kickstarter is committed to confronting and actively fighting systemic inequality and racial bias where it exists on our platform, including an immediate investigation into the structures we control within our platform that could contribute to racial bias. As a part of that work, we will be exploring new partnerships that can help us address the challenges we identify internally and those identified in academic studies on how race plays a factor in crowdfunding.

Kickstarter is making steps toward fighting inequality and supporting a more creative and equitable world and thank you again Aziz Hasan for sharing and caring.

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