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About this project


Junior Explorers is an interactive game that inspires the adventurer in every child! We send kids on virtual “eco-missions” to learn about wildlife and ecosystems around the planet.


In every mission, kids solve mysteries in nature that involve the eco-challenges facing the habitat and the animals that live there. Kids hone problem-solving skills, gain valuable STEM knowledge, and learn what they can do to help protect the planet! Thousands of kids have experienced Junior Explorers and love it! Parents and teachers have given us their stamp of approval and want to use our product to teach Environmental Science in their homes and classrooms.

With your support, we will be able to develop the technology and curriculum teachers need to use our program to teach Environmental Science to their students. By backing our project you will enable us to build more eco-missions and send kids on more adventures that will educate and motivate them to become the conscious consumers of tomorrow.
Here is a brief overview of our program:



Expose Your Child to the Planet: We would all LOVE to take our kids on an African safari or a diving expedition to the Great Barrier Reef… one can dream, right? Junior Explorers is the next best thing! Send your child on exciting, far-away, adventures from your own home.

An Affordable Adventure: A vacation or even an average outing to the zoo with your family is expensive these days. With Junior Explorers, you can cultivate your child’s interest in animals and the planet for only $19 per adventure.

Games That Matter: Junior Explorers helps you instill values of conscious consumerism and planet-friendly living in your kids from an early age. Building a foundation of knowledge, awareness, and empathy is crucial to the children of today becoming the innovators and thought leaders of tomorrow!

Making Philanthropy Fun: As a certified B-Corp, giving back is one of our core values. Your child donates the points they earn while playing to a real life conservation project! Those points translate to a $1 donation that Junior Explorers makes on their behalf to these projects.

Inspire Your Child to Pursue STEM: Science is important! And so is diverse representation in STEM fields. Our Missions feature environmental, scientific, and conservation professionals of diverse backgrounds to show your child there are people like them, all over the world, doing incredible things, and one day, they could too!

Make Your Child’s Screen Time Count: What makes Junior Explorers unique is that our program is both tactile and digital. We combine engaging, educational offline materials with an immersive, online experience. Not only does this make Junior Explorers adaptable to a variety of learners, our unique combination approach means your child won’t be glued to a screen all day.


How it works

Every Adventure Begins With an Explorer Kit: Each month your child embarks on a virtual adventure to a different ecosystem to solve a mystery that teaches them about that habitat and the wildlife that lives there. The mission starts with an Explorer Kit, shipped to your door, to get your young explorer ready for their adventure!

Kits are carefully curated for each adventure and include fun collectibles like stickers, wristbands, figurines, and animal cards, along with a book of activities, games, and fun facts

about the ecosystem and species that live there. Think Carmen Sandiego for nature and wildlife! Learn more here.

Air quality affects people all over the world and comes in different forms. Allergens, germs, and smog decrease quality of life and lead to long-term health issues. As we developed Wynd, we met people from all walks of life who wanted to breathe healthier air. Over 40 prototypes were distributed to people from the U.S. to China to Israel and Nepal. Testers used them to clear their allergies in San Francisco, keep themselves and their families (and even babies) safe from air pollution in Beijing, and filter out mold spores from hotel rooms in Southeast Asia.

The Adventure Continues Online: The fun and learning continue online! Explorer Kits include a secret code that unlocks an interactive digital world. Your child will login to Junior Explorer Mission Center and join Kia and Kyle on an exciting, game-based adventure to complete their mission.

As kids solve mysteries, they learn about science, conservation, and ways to help protect different ecosystems. Check out the online experience here!

Backer rewards

We love rewards… especially ones designed to bring out the WILD side in your kids and entire family! Check out our Kickstarter ANIMAL-TASTIC Kickstarter exclusives:

Choose from one of four explorer packs — the more you buy, the more you save with our specially discounted KICKSTARTER ONLY PRICING! Kids will love exploring, learning about exciting wildlife, and solving mysteries in places like the Arctic, Great Barrier Reef, Virunga, Serengeti and many more! Parents, trust us when we say, you too will learn more than you ever imagined!


Mission : giving back

We are a certified B-Corp, which means we are a company that uses business as a force for good. Giving back is one of our core values.

At the end of every eco-mission, kids get to donate the points the earned playing to a frontline conservation project of their choice and we match those points with a $1 donation. Our hope is that we will become one of the largest contributors to nonprofits focusing on conservation work on behalf of kids across the world.



Our Timeline: With almost two years of hands-on experience, we are confident we will be able to meet our delivery schedule and build top quality products for both backers and teachers. We have factored in buffers to account for any surprises and have the pieces and people in place to get started as soon as this campaign ends.


Why Kickstarter

Over the past 15 months, we have sent out thousands of eco-missions, won awards, and received rave reviews from the press, parents, and most importantly KIDS. We want to fulfill our mission to inspire millions of kids across the world and the only way to do that is to get our program into classrooms.

With the money raised through Kickstarter, we will be able to develop the software needed to create lesson plans, assessments, and resources that teachers need and inspire kids everywhere to protect our planet!

It took over two years of research and product development with a global team of educators, parents, psychologists, product designers, and science experts to create Junior Explorers. We looked at how kids today play and learn, what excites them, and designed something tailored to those needs.

We have combined all things kids love: Storytelling, adventure, animals, gaming, and sharing. Our goal is for kids to have fun so they learn without even realizing it!

  • All of our content is created and researched by a team of science experts, educators, story writers, and curriculum experts.
  • Customized for 5-11-year-olds, parents and educators can feel confident in the learnings of our program as it is aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

We have built a successful product with a vibrant community. In the past 15 months, we have shipped over 10,000 adventure kits across 3 different countries, reaching thousands of kids. Users from all over the world have contributed to our community, sending us pictures and sharing their stories.

Parents love Junior Explorers because of its positive social message and its ability to explain a complex subject. Our approach encourages social activity, sharing and quality time among families, siblings and friends.

Teachers love Junior Explorers because it’s accessible to all sorts of learners and easily adaptable to a classroom setting. Teachers who have used our program have given us glowing reviews and are asking for more.

In just the past 2 weeks, we have had over 7000 teachers sign up asking for our program and curriculum. The demand for a great educational product that finally addresses a difficult — and timely — subject area is very real. Teachers want Junior Explorers!

Check out our Facebook page to read their comments and see how excited teachers are about what we are doing.

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