Italian Automatic Chronograph Watches by OVAO

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About this project

The” OVAO MONZA” was born by a common vision and a passion for the race cars. The product is a result of work from skilled Italian craftsmen. The clock classic and elegant style of the wristwatches can be attributed to the excellent materials used to build them, and at the same time they are sporty, recalling Italian motor racing world of the 70s and 80s …. The wristwatches could only be called Monza.


Italian Made Automatic Chronograph Watches Inspired by passion and built by hand. Delivered to you at an accessible price.
The Ovao Team created a design where 3 spirits converge in order to express your personality at best: Monza Carbonio for the extreme sportsman, this model was made to suit those who have a thing or two for sporting. Then the Monza Corsa, majorly for the sporting fan who looks to spot a smart but casual wristwatch to wear at all times occasions. And at last the Monza Lesmo, like the other models this was made with attention to detail, but it was designed for the person who wishes to appear in an elegant looking wristwatch to match an elegant dress, and on an elegant occasion.



Every Ovao watch is hand assembled with craftsmanship by our Italian  Team of experienced watchmakers from generations.


Each element  is crafted with extreme care and workmanship, with the ultimate goal of creating a superior quality timepiece.

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