In This Issue – Property Crowdfunding


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In this issue available from 25th of January we focus on property crowdfunding.

Property as a form of investment is not new and for many is considered as the best form of investment. Buy to let has offered attractive returns for investors but the landscape is changing due too regulatory and tax changes.

The purchase of second homes faces an increase in stamp duty as well as the end of the wear-and-tear allowances and new requirements to check on the immigration status of tenants.

Overall this reflects a change in the perks and profits in buying to let and the intention of property purchase as an investment.

Property and crowdfunding is now presenting itself as an alternative form of investment accessing the returns that property offers without the hassle of managing tenants and collecting rents.

In this issue we look at how crowdfunding is making waves in the property market and try to highlight:

  • you do not have to be a property expert
  • Your opportunity to diversify across multiple properties
  • Invest on your terms, timescale and circumstances
  • Build a flexible robust property portfolio
  • With all investment there is risk but property crowdfund is a regulated industry

We also feature UOWN a property crowdfunding platform and our Crowdfunding Campaigner Spotlight covers thoughts from Jonny Aldridge from UOWN on how millennial’s are taking to property crowdfunding