Global Girl Project 2018….Here we grow again!!

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About this project

The Global Girl Project (GGP) mobilizes young women around the globe for change through social leadership and community development. GGP is different. We provide opportunities for girls who would never otherwise be able to explore the world beyond their neighborhoods because of poverty,and other barriers to accessing other exchange programs. When we impact the life of 1 girl, through our exchange programs, she then impacts the lives of over 100 girls back in her own community.



This year is going to be our year of biggest impact, to date!  Our dedication to our mission and our desire to continue our growth, has been the catalyst for a big change in our programming.  We are excited to share with you that we are moving the 6-week exchange portion of our program to Nepal!!  This move will enable us to bring scholars from the very countries that most need this opportunity.

In the light of growth and expansion, we have added a new collaboration to our team and have partnered with the NGO Sierra Leone Rising!! So for our 2018 exchanges we will be hosting 4 girls from Haiti, 2 girls from India, and 2 girls from Bumpe, Sierra Leone!!  As a group of global agents of change, we will all be meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal for 6 weeks of leadership training in April/May 2018.

In Brazil we continue to partner with the NGO Soccer Girls Inc., and in Haiti we are also in our third year of collaboration with Foundation TOYA.  We are also going into our second year of collaboration with Kranti, an NGO located in Mumbai that works to empower and educate young women who are the daughters of sex workers and have grown up in Mumbai’s red-light district.  All three partner organizations have a shared mission to educate, motivate, and empower young women from poor and disadvantaged situations.  Collectively, we know that confident, educated, and empowered young women have the ability to become agents of change within their own communities and can work to create meaningful social and community projects within their own communities. While living in Nepal our GGP Scholars will:

1.  Attend a local Nepalese school, the Deepika Academy, three days per week and take grade level as well as ESL classes.

2. Attend community development and social skill workshops, three times per week, run by our Director and a local Nepalese staff.  During these workshops the scholars will each, individually, develop their own community projects that will be implemented once back at home.

3.  Participate in cross-cultural groups and activities with local Nepalese students.

4.  Participate in a 3-day trekking adventure

Once back home in either Haiti, India, or Sierra Leone:

1.  Each girl will be supported by GGP and their respective home organization, to implement their own individual community project.

2.  As a cohort our GGP Scholars will attend monthly, web based leadership trainings in order to receive continued support, guidance, and learning.

3.  Upon completion of their project each scholar will receive an educational stipend that will pay for either a portion or the entirety of their remaining education.


Your donations will go towards so many different parts of the program and you can check out the list at the bottom under “Where Your Money Will Go”, for more details.

Here are some more specific donations you can give:

$20 will pay for the Nepalese school uniform for one girl

$30 will pay for one scholar’s allowance for the 6-week program

$50 will pay for appropriate clothing for one of our scholars

$90 will pay for one Haitian Passport

$100 will pay for one Sierra Leonian passport

$150 will pay for travel insurance for one scholar for a two-month period

$200 will pay for three Nepalese visas

$250 will pay for one Education Stipend, which each girl receives upon implementation of her project

$250 will pay for room and board for one girl while she is in Nepal

$400 will pay for one round-trip ticket from India to Nepal

$500 will pay for one year of secondary school education for one of our Haitian girls.

$1000 will pay for one round-trip ticket from Sierra Leone to Nepal

$3000 will pay for one round-trip ticket from Haiti to Nepal


The girls that  participate in these exchanges are bright, motivated, and excited to become agents of change in their own communities.  These girls have been hand selected by their home organizations and Global Girl Project because they have demonstrated leadership skills and a desire to help others that are in need.  Our previous scholars have implemented such projects as a gender equality group for 10 to 13 years olds in Haiti, or an after school program for kids in one of the biggest favelas in Rio.  Our most recent scholars are currently implementing a mural project for kids in a group home in Mumbai, a dance group for girls in the red light district, and a storytelling project for LGBTQ people in India.

Each scholar implements a project that will then educate, empower, and motivate other young people in their communities.  And so the cycle will continue as each young person affected will pay it forward.  Each student will be exposed to a different culture, a different language and through that exposure, will become more open to and understanding of the differences and similarities throughout the world.

We at the Global Girl Project know that real and long lasting change for a community is most successful when it comes from within that community.


In order to provide an exchange opportunity such as this to young women from disadvantaged backgrounds we must fund all aspects of this project.  The money you donate will go towards:

1.  Purchase of round trip plane tickets

Haiti to Nepal – $3000 per ticket (4tickets) = $12,000

India to Nepal – $400 per ticket (2 tickets) = $800

Sierra Leone to Nepal – $1000 per ticket (2 tickets) = $2000

2.  Purchase of Student visas – Average $75/visa (8) = $600

3.  Purchase of passports for the girls

Haitian Passports – $93 (4 passports) = $372

Sierra Leonian Passports – $150 (2 passports) = $300

4.  Help pay for the fee of the 3-day Trek

5.  Education Stipend for Project Completion- $250 (8 girls)=$2000

6.  Clothing for girls while in Nepal – $50 (8 girls) = $400

7.  Travel Insurance – $150 (8 girls) = $1200

8.  Room and Board (guesthouse) = $1000 (8 girls, 1 staff)

9.  Weekly Allowance for Participants/six weeks – $30 (8 girls) = $240

10. Transportation in Nepal

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