Gallet Watch Company, the world’s oldest Swiss watch and clock making house – Pioneers in Professional Timekeeping Since 1466: Historic timekeeping excellence meets 21st century innovation


Gallet Watch Company, the world’s oldest Swiss watch and clock making house – Pioneers in Professional Timekeeping Since 1466: Historic timekeeping excellence meets 21st century innovation
iCrowdNewswire – May 18, 2016

Historic timekeeping excellence meets 21st century innovation with the Gallet Watch Company, the world’s oldest Swiss watch and clock making house.

Nothing says “you’ve made it” quite like a finely crafted, high-end luxury timepiece. It’s the ultimate status symbol, the ultimate personal statement of prestige.

Just as nothing says “you’ve made it” quite like a luxury timepiece, nothing says “luxury timepiece” quite like Gallet.

Founded in Geneva, Switzerland in the year 1466, Gallet has a 550 year history of excellence and innovation in fine timekeeping. Today, Gallet is proud to celebrate that history, while at the same time reclaiming our company’s position as an unchallenged pioneer and innovator in professional timekeeping for the 21st century.

For centuries, Switzerland has been acknowledged as the unrivaled capital of fine luxury watchmaking, and Gallet & Co. has been positioned squarely at the center of the Swiss watchmaking community.

Throughout the 20th century, Gallet was an unchallenged leader in military, athletic, sports and aviation timekeeping. In the 1970s, the legacy of Gallet, and of the Swiss watchmaking community as a whole, was interrupted for a brief time, when the mass influx of inexpensive Asian-made quartz wristwatches brought the Swiss watchmaking industry to a virtual standstill.

But today, the pendulum has swung back: high-end consumers have rediscovered the irreplaceable value of uncompromising quality and meticulous attention to detail, and the market for high-end luxury watches has exploded as a result.

The resurgence of consumer appreciation for finely crafted luxury products makes now the perfect time for Gallet to re-establish itself as one of the premier leaders in the upscale fine timepiece market.

For more than 500 years, the Gallet name has been synonymous with excellence and innovation in fine timekeeping, a legacy that we continue to this day.

At the time of the Swiss watchmaking industry’s resurgence in the 1990s, the vast majority of historic watchmaking brands came under the control of a small handful of powerful conglomerates. Gallet was one of the few companies to resist the temptation of attractive multi-million dollar buy-out and merger opportunities,and for now, retain its status as an independent and self-directed watchmaking house.

Gallet is also one of the only independent houses to maintain an exclusive relationship with Montres Lunesa, its integral manufacturing partner. In an industry where supply of movements can’t meet the current demand, Gallet is able to easily meet this demand and provide our customers with top-of-the-line quality and craftsmanship at prices that significantly undercut our closest competitors.

The strength of our manufacturing partnership is in full force today. Our partner manufacturer has developed twenty eight new high-grade manual and self-winding mechanical movement designs for our upcoming timepieces, with a full line of new watches already engineered and ready to be introduced to the market.

Gallet may have held a relatively passive industry position in recent years, but our classic timepieces have always sustained in the public imagination. Antique and vintage Gallet timepieces are highly coveted items with thousands of collectors worldwide, realizing impressive results whenever examples are offered for sale or auction.

Within today’s fine timepiece market, the most successful sales trend is “heritage”, reintroducing technically updated versions of a company’s renowned historic timepieces. In this regard, Gallet has more to draw from than any watch brand in the world.

Now, the time has come to reaffirm the company’s reputation as the leading innovator of groundbreaking high-end chronographs, the style of watch most popular with upscale consumers today. That process begins with the introduction of a full line of the company’s famous wristwatches, reimagined for the 21st century, and starting with one of the world’s most renowned and iconic: the Gallet Flight Officer Chronograph.

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Originally provided by Senator Harry S Truman to pilots of the United States Army Air Forces during World War Two, the Gallet Flight Officer quickly became one of the most renowned military aviation timepieces of the 20th century. This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Flight Officer Chronograph, making now the perfect opportunity to reissue this timeless piece of timekeeping history.

With the new 75th Anniversary edition Flight Officer Chronograph, Gallet has revived the same impeccable craftsmanship that made the original Flight Officer one-of-a-kind, and combined it with state-of-the-art technology that will be setting an industry standard for years to come.

Gallet has worked closely with our manufacturing partners to develop a ground breaking new chronograph movement, the Lunesa calibre V1925. The product of many years and millions of dollars spent on meticulous research and development, the V1925’s specially designed vertical clutching system totally eliminates a common engineering hiccup that causes most other chronograph movements to lose accuracy when the time recording feature is engaged.

The 75th Anniversary Edition Flight Officer and the Truman Edition Flight Officer are the very first releases to feature this revolutionary new movement technology.

The V1924 movement is what truly sets the new Truman Edition Flight Officer Chronograph apart from any other timepiece of its kind, and makes the Flight Officer Chronograph the most accurate, reliable timepiece of its kind available today.

In the near future the V1925 will be supplied to other brands for watches retailing at over $30,000, but thanks to our integral relationship with our manufacturing partner, Gallet is able to provide the finest Swiss timepieces at a significantly lower price point than many of our competitors.

As a 500 year old cornerstone of the watch and clock making tradition, it follows naturally that Gallet would share close relationships with the museums. Providing the original funds to establish Switzerland’s largest timekeeping museum, Gallet has now focused its benevolence toward America’s National Watch and Clock Museum, today one of the world’s most respected guardians of timekeeping history.

The National Watch and Clock Museum (NWCM) is part of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC). With more than 15,000 members, it is the largest international organization dedicated to the art and science of timekeeping.

To celebrate the reintroduction of the company’s newest version of its famous Flight Officer Chronograph, Gallet is proud to be partnering with The National Watch and Clock Museum in a joint project expeceted to realize over $8M in sales. The funds raised through the sale of the first of numerous timepieces that Gallet is producing in its quest to re-establish market dominance, will directly benefit the museum. This “co-branding” of the Flight Officer watch will help provide funding for the museum’s upcoming activities while affording Gallet strategic access to related press and media channels at a fraction of the normal marketing costs.

Gallet has been hard at work, putting the pieces in place for this exciting next step toward our company’s success, and it’s all about “momentum building” toward even bigger and better things to come.

Leadership Team
Gallet has assembled a team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals from the watchmaking, financial, and legal fields, who have devoted years to preparing for Gallet’s big return to market prominence.

Manufacturing Infrastructure
With Gallet’s help, our manufacturing partner Lunesa has acquired a new factory building in Sevelen, Switzerland, valued at $8.97M and made up of 32,290 sq. ft. of office, production, and assembly areas. Gallet has invested over $4M in additional revenues for developing and equipping the company’s Swiss manufacturing infrastructure.

US Presence
Gallet & Company, Inc., the worldwide company’s primary business branch, has devoted significant time and resources to develop our management, marketing, and distribution infrastructure in the United States, including the purchase of a new 1.6 acre facility in the North Atlanta business and technology district.

For most of the 20th century, Gallet has manufactured and sold over 100,000 watches per year. As a result, there is an extensive pre-established following and demand for new and vintage watches that display the prestigious Gallet name.

An extensive worldwide network of upscale jewelry stores and luxury boutiques has been chosen for retail representation of our rapidly increasing line of exciting new Gallet timepieces.

National Watch and Clock Museum Partnership
Gallet is proud to be celebrating 10 years of partnership with America’s National Watch and Clock Museum, a partnership that has positioned our brand for accelerated growth in the luxury marketplace.

The Gallet Company is obviously well positioned for success. All the same, additional capital will help us to implement our strategies more agressively and achieve our goals that much sooner. We also welcome the opportunity for strategic partnerships and licensing opportunities with other watch and luxury industry members.

For more information about the future of Gallet and how the investor can benefit by helping us move forward, please request access to the Business Plan page of this profile.

Walter Hediger, CEO & Chairman
Walter Hediger is the company’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, and provides an invaluable set of skills and experiences developed in the Swiss banking and global luxury watch industry. Walter has over fifty years of experience in the worlds of finance, business management, and accounting. Beginning his career in Switzerland and then Wall Street as a young man, Walter returned home to serve as financial analyst, manager of the investment departments, and Managing Director of some of Europe’s largest and most important banks. As an entrepreneur, Walter held the license for timepieces of World Cup USA, distributing about 30,000 watches per month, and later managed the acquisition and merger of Gallet Watch Geneva with B. Neresheimer, his family’s company and one of the most prominent purveyors of silver and luxury goods in Europe. Fluent in German, French, Spanish and English, Walter has the ability and experience to act as liaison, representative, and the guiding force behind the Gallet company’s domestic and international business activities.

David R. Laurence, COO & Marketing Director
David R. Laurence, the company’s Chief Operating Officer and Marketing Director, brings a unique combination of knowledge and skill in both the technical aspects of watch making and the history of the luxury watch industry. David has over forty years of experience in the areas of manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of jewelry, watch, and fine luxury related goods. Beginning his career as an apprentice jeweler and watchmaker, David later innovated manufacturing techniques that gained industry wide attention and found their way into teaching criteria and utilization in the commercial watch and jewelry trades. His in-depth knowledge of timekeeping history has led to numerous contributions to published materials on the subject. Beginning in the late 1990’s, David focused his proficiency towards the World Wide Web, quickly becoming a recognized expert in the area of Internet marketing, website creation, and search engine delegation for the watch and jewelry industry.

Rick Hoel, General Counsel & CAO
Rick Hoel, the company’s General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer, oversees the international legal and operational requirements of Gallet. Rick has over thirty years of experience as an accomplished international attorney specializing in corporate structuring and transactions, facilitating the global expansion of some of the world’s largest multinational companies, including Motorola and Johnson Controls. Rick has negotiated complex cross-border transactions in Asia, Europe and South America, including notable agreements with world-leading electronics, telecommunications and intermodal transport companies and joint ventures with foreign partners for the development of cellular infrastructure systems throughout the world.

Amanda Slaz, Creative Director
Amanda Slaz, the company’s Creative Director, is responsible for the design aspects that will result in Gallet’s new watches becoming some of the most coveted timepieces in the world. As a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree recipient and scholarship candidate of Rhode Island School of Design, Amanda has successfully completed numerous private, public, and corporate contracts and commissions. As an award winning artist and designer with over thirty years of experience guiding the literary and visual aspects of business, Amanda’s talents are indispensable to the development of Gallet’s future marketing campaigns. Collaborating with David R. Laurence in the design and manufacture of fine luxury items, this prolific team has been featured in numerous industry publications and achieved representation in over 50 upscale retail venues worldwide. Amanda and David also founded and operated

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