E-scooter start-up Kumpan boosting e-mobility

  • Demand for the German federal government’s subsidy for electric cars has not been very high thus far.
  • E-scooter start-up Kumpan (www.elektroroller-kumpan.de) now wants to boost e-mobility by bringing more e-scooters to the roads with the crowd’s help.
  • Today, the start-up is launching its crowdfunding campaign, during which investors and supporters can help promote sustainability and participate in the start-up: www.companisto.com/kumpan

Remagen/Berlin, Germany, 6 September 2016. Electric cars are innovative and help protect the environment, so the German federal government plans to bring one million of them to German roads by 2020. Therefore, the German government recently introduced a subsidy for purchasers of electric cars. Thus far, demand for this subsidy has not been very high, and the subsidy does not apply to electric scooters either. Such scooters, however, are much more efficient in large cities and help people be mobile and fast while not emitting any particulate matter, as Patrik Tykesson, one of the three managing directors of e-scooter start-up Kumpan (www.elektroroller-kumpan.de), believes. As the Kumpan founders want to make a difference, they have been offering buyers of Kumpan e-scooters on the website a EUR 500 premium since 1 August.

Boosting Electric Mobility with the Crowd

Kumpan Laden

Now the start-up founders are preparing to take the next step: They want to bring more e-scooters to the roads both in Germany and in the rest of Europe with the crowd’s help. Today, the award-winning start-up is launching a growth financing campaign on Germany’s largest equity-based crowdfunding platform Companisto (www.companisto.com). During equity-based crowdfunding campaigns, private individuals can invest an amount of their choice in start-ups. “Our goal is to convince even more people of two-wheeled electric mobility with the crowd’s help and to enable these people to participate in our company,” Patrik Tykesson says.


Start-up Manufactures E-Scooters with 50s and 60s Retro Look and Will Soon Launch Its Battery 2.0

The start-up based in the German city of Remagen has built e-scooters in a 50s and 60s retro look since 2010 that use battery technology from the 21st century. A portable battery system enables a reach of up to 150 km. “Our scooters can thus cover longer distances than gas scooters and make us the market leader in terms of reach,” Patrik Tykesson says. With regard to B2B sales, it is particularly interesting that Kumpan plans to sell networkable scooters from next year, thus enabling scooter sharing and scooter rental in a convenient way. The start-up’s latest product is a kickboard approved for use on the road that supports users through an electric motor. The kickboard may also be folded. This product is based on the idea that, “many people commute from suburban areas or want to cover short distances within large cities,” as Patrik Tykesson says. “People can easily take our kickboards into other means of transportation.” In this way, mobility becomes not just more efficient, but also less expensive, for the Kumpan scooters’ cost of use per 100 kilometers is just EUR 0.99.

Kumpan Was Founded in 2010 and Has Sold 2,500 Scooters

In 2010, the three brothers Daniel, Patrik, and Philipp Tykesson founded the start-up. “We first noticed electric scooters in China and thought that this was a highly innovative product. Still, we wanted to do something of our own from the beginning.” The Kumpan founders consider themselves young entrepreneurs following an international growth strategy. Kumpan now has 35 employees, including product designers, mechanical engineers, and mechanics, who design and assemble the scooters in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The start-up has already sold 2,500 Kumpan scooters.

Start-up Has Reached Proof-of-Concept Stage and 200 Dealers throughout Germany

The Tykesson brothers want to convince investors and supporters not just through the fact that they have reached the proof-of-concept stage and attracted numerous customers, but also through their start-up’s KPIs. “Our company’s average growth rate in the past five years was 375 %. We reached break-even point as early as in 2012,” CFO Daniel Tykesson says. Kumpan plans to use the growth capital to further improve its digital marketing activities, its online store, and its products (e.g., their networkability). Depending on the total investment, the founders want to expand into five to ten other European countries next year. The company already has representative offices in Canada and Shanghai and plans to open another one in the U.S. in 2018. In Germany, Kumpan collaborates with 200 dealers and offers its investors a premium if they buy an e-scooter. Moreover, investors participate in the company’s growth during their entire lifetime.

You can access the financing campaign, including a video and more detailed information, here (available from 12 p.m. CEST on 6 September 2016): www.companisto.com/kumpan

Press materials for free use are available here: www.bit.ly/2c7oLII

About Kumpan Electric:

Kumpan electric (e-bility GmbH) is an e-scooter start-up (www.elektroroller-kumpan.de) from Remagen, Germany and was founded in March 2010. Kumpan combines classic vehicle design with sustainable and innovative technology. The company offers three different models. The “1953” and “1954” scooters are both part of the 25 km/h and the 45 km/h segment and may be used with either a moped or a car license. They cost EUR 3,849 and EUR 3,999 respectively. Kumpan’s latest product is a kickboard. Using an online configurator, customers can choose the color of the paintwork and of the seat, the tires, and an additional battery themselves. At the moment, Kumpan also offers customers a premium (EUR 500) if they buy a Kumpan e-scooter on the start-up’s website. This premium will be available until the six-digit budget for this purpose is used up.

Kumpan electric contact details:  Patrick Brumm, phone: +49 (0) 2642-999800, email: patrick.brumm@electronic-mobility.com

About Companisto:

Companisto (www.companisto.com) is the market leader in equity-based crowdfunding in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Equity-based crowdfunding means that many investors team up to provide venture capital to a start-up or growth company. The investors – also called Companists – can make an investment of their choice in the start-up and, in turn, participate in the profits and in a potential sale of the start-up (exit participation). To date, Companisto has more than 60,000 registered investors who have invested a total of over EUR 32.5 million in 64 financing campaigns for start-ups and growth companies. Companisto is the most active private venture capital company in Germany as measured by the amount of published financing rounds (source: BVK).

Companisto contact details: André Glasmacher, public relations; phone: +49 30 208 48 49 45; email: andre.glasmacher@companisto.com