Disrupt Hopelessness with SOL Development

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Our music captures the unassuming relationship between hope and hopelessness and the healing embedded within. This album is necessary.

About this project

Absolutely EVERY time we take the stage to lift our gift of song, someone from the audience waits patiently to connect with us to tell us how our music touched them. This feeling is incredibly humbling and very powerful and leaves us wanting to touch more people. So when the call comes in for SOL Development, we answer and prepare to lift our gift of song. This primarily fills our performance calendar, and even with a full calendar, we know that there is so much more world to touch.

Our goal is to increase the reach of our message and create impact in spaces we have yet to travel. Our audience tells us that they want to share the listening experiences with others and we are ready to make that happen. This album is the result of thousands of hours of collecting stories, writing songs, and centering ourselves to be present in the moment, while still being present in the movement as Educators in Oakland, California.

These songs are sacred. They come from our experiences, our community’s experiences, some whose voices remain unheard, and some whose voices are no longer with us. This album is necessary. It documents, in song, the process from which Light is pronounced amidst darkness. It’s more than an album. It is an instrument in and of itself. An instrument that builds a resilient hope.

We lift our voices, our thinking, and our beings to #Disrupthopelessness and we ask that you join us in this mission. This is brilliant and powerful and necessary. Please consider becoming a SOL Supporter and help SOL Development to #Disrupthopelessness

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