Crowdfunding 101


Although a relatively new concept, crowdfunding has rapidly grown worldwide. It has simplified the process of raising funds for projects and has widened the scope of people that can be approached. If you wish to crowdfund a project, here is our version of Crowdfunding 101 a few tips to help you successfully raise the funds you need.

Choose the Right Platform

Pick a crowdfunding website that caters to your target audience. This will allow you to reach the right people and increase your chances of success substantially. Today, many websites offer crowdfunding services for various industries. Some focus purely on mobile apps while others aid entrepreneurs or non-profit businesses. You can choose a website depending on the nature of your project.

Stand Out

In order to capture the attention of your audience, you need to stand out and get yourself noticed. To do this, draft a convincing introduction that states the essence of your project in a way that is easy to understand. Tell your audience how you are different from others, why you are raising funds and how you will use them.

Build a Visual Experience

Visual material is more appealing than text. To give your audience a visual experience of your project, use brightly colored pictures that showcase your idea of a potential product or service. If possible, make a compelling video for your campaign. Show the audience how passionate you are by narrating your story and engaging with them on a more personal level. Crowdfunding campaigns that use visual content are more likely to succeed.

Use Social Media

Drive your audience to your crowdfunding website using social media. Websites likes Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms enable you to reach a larger audience. They act as an important tool to get in touch with your target audience and create awareness about your campaign.

Set Realistic Goals

The goals you set can have a great impact on crowdfunding your project. If your goals are unrealistic, people will be hesitant in contributing to your project. It is better to start small and set realistic and attainable goals.

Stay Connected

It is vital to constantly engage and stay connected with your funders. Keep them updated and informed regarding the progress of your project and let them know if there are any positive or negative developments. Respond to their queries and thank them for their feedback and comments. Keeping them abreast with the necessary information will enable you to win their trust and keep them satisfied.

Offer Attractive Rewards

It is very important to acknowledge and appreciate the people who are willing to contribute in your project. Find a way to recognize and reward them. If you are raising funds for a game or movie, the biggest contributor can have one of the characters named after them. Others can be given the final product for free or a signed poster of a celebrity who is part of the project.

These tips and tricks will surely enhance the chances of success of your crowdfunding project.