Airpaq – The Backpack Made From Airbags and Seat Belts

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About this project

Airpaq upcycles airbags and seat belts into backpacks. These materials are designed to perform in extreme situations, making Airpaq a sustainable and quality product. By collecting materials from different car models/brands/years we encounter a huge variety of materials, which make each Airpaq through little details unique. // Airpaq transformiert verschrottete Airbags und Sicherheitsgurte in Rucksäcke. Wir verarbeiten Material zahlreicher Hersteller, Fahrzeugtypen und Baujahre. Auf diese Weise unterscheidet sich jeder ‚Airpaq‘ durch kleine Details und wird zu einem echten Unikat.

Airpaq finds a great balance between functionality and style, making it the ideal companion for urban adventures. The body of Airpaq is available in four colors (black, blue, red and yellow). The rolltop is always left in its original airbag-white. The lining of the Airpaq changes with your color choice and offers a beautiful and exciting contrast. One key aspect of the Airpaq’s design is its individuality, resulting from the wide variety of slightly differing airbags, seat belts and buckles found in cars. Our backpacks have for this reason always some details like buckle shape, bar-codes, textil pattern etc. that are not found on any other Airpaq in this combination – making them truly unique.




Images deviate slightly from the delivered products (upcycling) // Bilder dienen als Anschauungsmaterial und weichen leicht vom Produkt ab.
Images deviate slightly from the delivered products (upcycling) // Bilder dienen als Anschauungsmaterial und weichen leicht vom Produkt ab.

The recycled materials used to produce one Airpaq are approximately two airbags, for seat belts and one buckle. Both, the colored body and the white rolltop are made from airbags. An old car’s buckle serves as closing mechanism and seat belts are reused for the straps and the back. The material map below visually shows which part of Airpaq is made from which materials. // Ein Airpaq besteht aus circa zwei Airbags, vier Sicherheitsgurten und einem Gurtschloss.






Just like our backpack, Airpaq Wallet is made from airbags and seat belts. More precise, it is made out of the cutting waste gathered during the Airpaq production. // Hergestellt aus den Schnittresten der Airpaq-Produktion

Airpaq wallet is ONLY AVAILABLE IN COMBINATION with the backpack. There are three options to get this wallet. Chose ONE:

1. Buy your Airpaq within the first 24h after launch and you will get the wallet FOR FREE (until July 5th, 7pm Berlin time)  (SOLD OUT)

2. SHARE our Facebook page with a nice message and the link to our Kickstarter campaign PUBLICLY (so we can track it) and you will get the wallet FOR FREE. Send us a Facebook PM to quickly inform us.

3. Add 15€ to your your pledge and you will get 1 wallet. For every additional wallet add another 15€.


We are Adrian and Michael, two good friends from different backgrounds with one shared vision: We are passionate about the idea of creating alternative uses for things that otherwise would end up in the trash. Our passion stems from two motives. First, we are convinced that sustainable actions such as upcycling/recycling are essential for our life on this planet. Second, we are fascinated by the charm and the singularity that products of upcycled nature exhibit. Our goal for Airpaq is to combine these motives by creating products that convince our customers ethically, ecologically and aesthetically.

Everything started as a small student project in September 2015. To gather inspiration for an assignment we visited a scrapyard and stumbled over airbags and seat belts. Still the same night, the very first prototype was created and the idea of Airpaq was born. Since then we did not spend any day without working on Airpaq.

Sharing our story and the values of Airpaq with the world is something that means a lot to us. We hope that we have created something that people will appreciate, because for us it is much more than just a backpack.

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