2022-23 Autumn & Winter Homeless Support

2022-23 Autumn & Winter Homeless Support
2022-23 Autumn & Winter Homeless Support

We are at a critical moment in time. We all feel the squeeze. Homelessness caused by “the cost of living crisis” is already a reality, and the outlook for the coming months is beyond worrying. Our campaign aims to get our homeless friends through Autumn and Winter.

Under One Sky already supports people affected by street homelessness nearly 30,000 times yearly. We need your support to continue our service as we face a human tragedy on the streets.

Project status dated : 14 October 2022


Our Approach

Human connection and problem-solving are at the core of our work. We make people feel seen, heard and cared for. Our teams walk the streets to connect with our homeless friends, and we are on a first-name basis with most.

We serve our friends 500-600 times each week across Central London, Brighton and Durham and provide food, hot and cold drinks, snacks, socks, underwear, hats, gloves, hand warmers and toiletries (our skywalk bundle). Ten thousand support items are provided weekly– more than 500,000 items a year. Most of these items are purchased, not donated to us.

We refer our homeless friends to physical and mental health services, other homelessness organisations and emergency services.

Our three priorities are:

  • Change the public’s relationship with homelessness
  • Build broad community support
  • Change lives

How We Spend Your Donation

Historically Under One Sky has spent 100% of private crowdfunded donations directly on support to those we serve. We intend to continue that way.

The weekly Skywalk bundle we provide costs £3.60 per person or £61,000 to serve 17,000 people from Oct 22 to Mar 23. The remainder of our target £14,000 is allocated to the services below.

On-demand items: Our teams take orders from individuals and deliver the following week for items such as shoes, clothing, coats, sleeping bags and tents.

High-impact items: Some items can make a big difference, such as glasses, wheelchairs and travel tickets to reconnect a person with family and friends.

Emergencies: When someone is deemed exposed to high risk, such as hyperthermia, sexual abuse or pregnant women, we provide emergency overnight stays in hostels.

We constantly seek out opportunities for supplies donations from our volunteer network, social media channels and partners.

We work with many partners to keep our costs down while expanding our service. Examples include Barings Bank (food), Rohan/Levis/Stand4Socks/4BYSIX (clothing), urb-it (deliveries), The Crown Estate/Punjab Restaurant/We Are Waterloo (storage space), Harley Street Specialist Hospital (medical support).

Other ways to help

Sleeping bag: to donate, use our Amazon Wishlist

  • Personal message: send a message of hope. We will share your message with several hundred homeless friends over Christmas. To do this, contact the campaign organiser below with your message.
  • Share our campaign: use the “Share” button (below the “Donate Now” button at the top of this page).

Our Manifesto

Together, we can rewrite the narrative

To thriving. No longer just surviving

With conversation, with compassion, with collaboration

It starts with just you

And ends in a growing compassionate community.

Thank you for reading. Your support is crucial to our continued service.

With love and gratitude

Under One Sky

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