Support Crowdfunding Campaigner on Kickstarter


Come and support our project on Kickstarter and help us take Crowdfunding Campaigner Magazine in to its next transition.

It’s a bit ironic a crowdfunding magazine seeking crowdfunding. The reality is when discussing budgets and the future the comment is “why don’t you crowdfund the magazine?”. So, I believe it is that time to reach out to our existing and prospective readers to ask for their support in pursuing my dream and passion.

Having financed the launch of the magazine it is now time to take the magazine to another level and with your support we can build on our online presence. The need for an online presence cannot be overstated. To enhance our online presence, we need to purchase additional tools and services that will develop an effective online strategy to survive and flourish in the years to come and your support will help us get there.

Your support will also help pay towards paying additional editorial members for their knowledge and expertise.

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